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My heart holds passions that burn bright as fire But my eyes holds a stare cold as ice My determination is as steady as a roaring fire But my smile reveals knowing but frigid ice
Its not safe out there. For you or me. Its not safe out there. In the streets. People feeding their addiction. Others beg to be something.. That they are not.
  He will show me how he dances, And I will ask him where he learned to move his feet like they are leaves Like they are light and bright and free, And he,
The phantasm of collectiveness We seem to surrender when the battle was almost won, We seem to celebrate when the battle is lost, 
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla. With an unstable mind, I am confronting the next decisions. What are the plans for tomorrow? I'm going to go to the movies. Why must I decide about tomorrow.
I know I might sound superlicious and act so damn delirious  Even I find it mysterious  Everytime you come around  You bring the cataclysm in me makes things even more ambiguous  Sometimes I become oblivious 
So I thought I knew everything… Growing up taught me lessons I should know A high school diploma was just nothing to show Momma was proud when I walked with a degree, I’m sure 
I’m not handing checks because it’s not season Can’t trust the government, better call it treason I operate for my own reasons To protect myself as a human being Can’t put me down, I am not weakened
A bunch of people poppin off their hinges   They line up to be called snitches My computer screen went black from all the game glitches  I might have fell and the hospital gave me 15 stitches 
Verse 1 When your out in this world all lonely You don’t know what to do with yourself honestly Looking back at your life is a tragedy Your trying to move along and be strong for insanity
Waking up everyday seems just so hard I am tired of this routine that got me off-guard I have no social life, I am like broken glass shards I been talking to myself, my only insanity ward
Old and wise or young and inexperienced, Religious and spiritualistic or atheist and agnostic, Homosexual, bisexual, or otherwise not straight, Male, female, or transgender, Rich and famous or poor and unknown,
You were never there for me, more absenteeism then a procrastinator working a 9 to 5 job you played me this whole time like some first shooter video game and I was the narrator.
Going for what you thought was perfect then regret what was left behind because you thought it was not worth it. Stuck in the middle and no turning back feeling lost, all actions have a cost, no money involved.
All you bitches that fake yea you can go take the bus all these bitches that fake always getting so fucked up now All you bitches that fake man yea can go take the bus   fuck these haters fuck ugly thots 
  A warm running Fireplace had to stay Love was needed and some hugs right away It was fifty shades of grey just without the grey Flames flickering tonight but not today
The market, they all want brilliant hues and will pay price high for your soul. 
In the beginning, I felt like dying Everyday was the same filled with my constant sighing I could not bring forgiveness to myself I am alone   I settled for someone who only brought me stress
It haunts me every morning. I wake up screaming. It feels like an unlucky journey. The tears keep streaming.   What did I do to deserve this pain? Am I really suppose to be here?
I stand on red earth I clasp my hands together, Raised up like an Aborigine Proud as a yogi, feeling the intelligence My ancient ways to present, I present to you as my talent
The glistening yellow orb ascents, Immersing the venerable city in radiating warmth, Basking the antediluvian buildings in a soft light, Commencing a new day in Alexandria.
 We defend the men we love. He lies; but he tells the truth eventually by action or words.
Most people think to much I'm usually one of them Except for times when I should In those moments I like to tell myself stories Like when I lose my boyfriend In a shitty part of town
I'm like a child sometimes Fighting violently against any opposition Even if it's what's best for me But I want it all Even if it will destroy me To much always unravels me
She formed from cosmic dust. A ball of hollow gas with a dash of wonderment and arrogance. She has long flat feet that used to dance to the heartbeats of drums Her thighs are like logs Thick and sturdy
here i am writing
It was about this time of year Our hearts crossed paths They danced to a beautiful tune Love at first sight we'd say   As both our hearts grew closer They became intwined as one
Instant Gratification is ruing our nation, but this information is on a need to know basis.
 Don't you get it? I'm not okay I'm not just tired I'm not fine I'm not good My life is not great  Don't you get it? You need to understand that you don't know everything
Remembering the time when i wanted to get older, thought things would be a lot easier as I`ve seen grown ups do their own way.   As my height grows inch by inch, clothes I wear changed day by day.
*DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED*   This is gonna be offensive Im makin this up now Freestylin like a badass Let's see what I say now.
A reputation is establishedIt has to be maintainedWe like to have a lavishVain image of ourself engrained
Just as darkness escapes the light
Everything SparklesIts all becomes clearOutlined in blackDetails suddenly appear
I remember flicking my bedroom light off and dashing to my bed for cover. You see, there was this monster under my bed, but he could only get me in the dark.  And the means of safety was laying in my bed.
Words are like bullets they pop off when I shoot them, And my mind is like a powerhouse, I blew it, My hearts are drum, music is what I've become, Love is undone;incomplete, she says please to me,
I want to prepare entrées from the extravagent porc à la poire, to the simple pâtes avec pain à l'ail; to see your expression when you take that that first bite
Mysterious creatures immersed in the absence of light Peculiar looking things, invisible to the naked eye A place so deep no men have ventured due to fright The darkness enclaves all signs of life  
Word Jamming. Those were the first two words that popped into my head. Hmph.
More sun, less sun, most sun, no sun. Who cares how much sun shines BEHIND the clouds? Everything's still grey!
Seeing the lines right in front of me, like everyday life -- I notice the sparks and lights mirror what's inside. The beauty is not new to me, but some of us forget. The true face of everything -- the beauty that lives.
Lately I’m beginning to think that all my ideas are going down the drain of a sink Who’da think that I’m on the brink of  losing my mind, spilling my drink and might have to visit the shrink   
im just a girl, although I may live in the world , I still stand alone. I'm just a girl that can't always be sure, my pride is altered my soul still pure .
My family isn’t much, nor is my surroundings. It’s only Mom, Dad, and Sarah. Dad is always working, Mom is always cleaning, and Sarah always complains. There is only one thing that I cannot explain.
I write for the troubled young boys and girls With shattered dreams And broken homes   Those who depend on the streets to raise them Guns to train them And Friends to tame them  
College – eighteen years of longingness. Now, when you are around the corner, When the measurement is not years, but months, I’m afraid, wanting to take a step back,
  It starts with a bang that goes around my head as I try to work hard and get my daily bread but I'm mislead as my face soon turns red
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I can't say when But I started to write poetry To me poetry starts as a feeling To me it’s important It gives me a safe way to express myself Even if I can’t say it out loud I can write it
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