Seven & Fourteen


Words are like bullets they pop off when I shoot them,

And my mind is like a powerhouse, I blew it,

My hearts are drum, music is what I've become,

Love is undone;incomplete, she says please to me,

Lost in ectsasy, in carnall bliss, this is ridiculous,

I'm addicted to us, together like one;love, kissing her lips

With my hands on her hips, after a date at her front door,

And I support her words, I love them, we're still in high school,

Romancin, like a trance and when she says my name,

I don't know if I should come, is she changing what I'm becomin,

I'm at a dead end and I know were this is goin, I'm blowin, rings of knowdom,

I represent a totom, mystified I told em,

I'n growin, I'm knowin what we need to learn,

We need to earn.





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