The Monster.


United States
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It haunts me every morning.

I wake up screaming.

It feels like an unlucky journey.

The tears keep streaming.


What did I do to deserve this pain?

Am I really suppose to be here?

Sometimes I feel like I'm going insane.

I just want to disappear.


The monster lives in my head.

He feeds me lies and despair.

The monster wants me to drop dead.

He knows how to give me a good scare.


I try to avoid speaking to him.

I never want to give him attention.

His voice makes my world dim.

He loves to create tension.


As my nights go by,

The monster waits.

He wants me to die.

The monster kept counting down the dates.


I need him to go away.

Maybe the pills will silence him.

Life does not have much meaning anyway.

This action will satisfy his very whim.


I downed the whole bottle.

No time to say any goodbyes.

I figured it was time to be with the protyles.

But I know this choice was unwise.


He has won.

The monster left my mind.

All I had to do was say "I'm done".

Sadly, The monster will still haunt mankind.

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