The glistening yellow orb ascents,

Immersing the venerable city in radiating warmth,

Basking the antediluvian buildings in a soft light,

Commencing a new day in Alexandria.


Wafting through the narrow, veteran streets,

A gentle breeze carries the smoky, salty, sweet, spicy scents,

Emanating from sizzling grills, crackling ovens,

Roaming the city of Alexandria.


Worn, cracked sidewalks and paths,

Haul the endless, weaving crowds,

Fueling the immortal energy,

Of Alexandria.


The trains, the honks, the chaos,

The bells, the whistles,

The chatter, the laughter,

Meld into the music of the city.

And the hurried herds of young and old,

Men and women,

Merge into the accompanying dance.  


Culture and history are copiously rich,

Thoroughly captivating,

Every moment is invigorating,

Waking every cell,  

Nourishing the ever expanding mind.


I wander every nook and cranny,

Swept up in the romance,

Enchanted by the litter of city lights,

Mesmerized by every crack and tatter,

Awakened by the fossils of civilization.


By night the sun has descent,

Night after night for centuries,

The ancient seeds of Alexandria still sprout,

Building life upon the relic city.



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