Freestyle/ Meditation Vision In Words (November 11, 2013)

I stand on red earth
I clasp my hands together,
Raised up like an Aborigine
Proud as a yogi, feeling the intelligence
My ancient ways to present,
I present to you as my talent
Poetically I'm silent, only writing,
Mind is sighting from the sun rising
To the night plains, Kapete
Radiant moon and Nefertiti
Cinammon as Solomon
His Kingliness. Your highness
Don't forget the crown of Sheba
That's a golden story
Express it with the words I wrote
Flip it, reverse it not, then remix it
If it's music, use the drum
If its are the drum
Red earth, souls dance
Rumi has done it in trance
Telling others a chance,
To meet the Beloved
You're enhanced by the very touch
I gave to you from what my conscious gave me
To write it by ink to save me
To save thee.
The art of truth and unique style
Live it a while, paint it all kinds of shades
Carved words in hieroglyphics
Different animals interpreting humans
This is all up in my mind
I'm giving time.
Meditation to the spine
Straightened and erected
Monumental ritual
Physically emotional
I lie here on red earth
I paint my face in rebirth
Pounding feet like the elephant
Crouching like a panther
Seeking like a hunter
Eyes like an eagle
Panther for my prey
Wildlife I become
The beast I overrun
As I come back to red earth
Untamed and undone

- Armaan

Photo: Kitsmumma

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