Abc Rhymes

I know I might sound superlicious and act so damn delirious 

Even I find it mysterious 

Everytime you come around 

You bring the cataclysm in me makes things even more ambiguous 

Sometimes I become oblivious 

Other times it's just so delicious 

So I'll keep it anonymous 

Coz I don't want to be monotonous 

So let me break it down and take it seriously 

You see me juggling my time with friends and family 

While keeping you near me is always a difficulty

Now I see zero chance for you to see me the way I see you clearly 

Coz there's always space between us like Great Wall of China that I look up to so highly 

Oh I pray that this rhyme of mine don't turn out badly 

Coz this time we'll do things differently

Wheels keeps turning round and round, up and down 

But i secretly wish you will come back around through all those ups and downs 

It's okay to look back so you won't lose your track 

When you and I becomes cracked, hakuna matata for Love always finds its ways 

Remember it's okay not to be okay 

If it's not okay then it means it isn't yet the end

Let's do this again and this time we'll take our sweet time til the very end. Q



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