Sun, 07/07/2013 - 04:32 -- tient3


College – eighteen years of longingness.

Now, when you are around the corner,

When the measurement is not years, but months,

I’m afraid, wanting to take a step back,

Back to the family, from which I’m about to have to leave to live with you,

Back to the childhood, which is, now, the past behind me.


As a kid, to me, time seems to never move.

But as an adult, time seems to never slow down.

College, it’s good to see you coming.

And college, it’s frightening to realize how close you are, coming.


College, how much do you hold to my anticipation?

I have sacrificed a lot,

Just to have a chance with you.

I haven't felt you just yet.

All I've been feeling is worry, anxiety, effort,

And money along with those.

College, what will you deliver?


I have to admit:

You are good at scaring the hell out of me!

So, please! College, please!

Take me gently by the hand,

And never frustrate me.





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