Freestyle Steps


He will show me how he dances,

And I will ask him where he learned to move his feet like they are leaves

Like they are light and bright and free,

And he,

He will close his eyes and tell me he is not held back by gravity,

He does not listen to the sky when it tells him to rest,

And he does not ask for permission to be his very best,

He just is.

I try to step like him, but my movements are not smooth,

They do not flow.

And he tells me I cannot move like him,

Until I learn to let go.

Until I learn to step the way my feet beg me to,

Step in a way that feels so foreign, but comfortable,

Like your name in anothers mouth.

Step and step and step,

Until all that's left is your everything but your fucking doubt.


Until I learn to sepearte my feet from that force that pulls me back to reality,

I will never step like the man who dances with the breeze.

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