Trail of Thoughts

Going for what you thought was perfect then regret what was left behind because you thought it was not worth it. Stuck in the middle and no turning back feeling lost, all actions have a cost, no money involved. You reach for your desires, sometimes they are filled with falsehood not reality, the blinded side of me covering the truth of what would become a strong tie, I was filled with lies since I wanted perfection. I looked within myself to make that correction. Everything seemed beautiful at first but is it true that it dies like flowers after some time or a deflated balloon? It’s not good to compare two, wishing one had the other, different qualities like neighborhood commodities, it all comes back to me usually. At night I can’t fight the thoughts of what I had, it was in my hands like water then quickly spilled away. I must say I received the warning from the good heart, no listening ears were available, I was not smart sadly. Over analyzing makes things worse, changes you, not a permanent curse just drives you insane.  Whether this makes sense written or spoken at least you may understand, let me just stop all thoughts. Still, like an origami crane...


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