I Will Always Want You But Never Want You Again


It was about this time of year

Our hearts crossed paths

They danced to a beautiful tune

Love at first sight we'd say


As both our hearts grew closer

They became intwined as one

No one could take away the piercing feeling in our hearts away

It was a good piercing feeling

A feeling indescribable

A feeling we had discovered together

A feeling we had discovered in one another


The 13th of January

It was when your heart became mine

And my heart became yours

Would you have called it love?

Because it sure felt like it

Our "love" burned a fire red

And it only grew brighter

But not long after, it became dull


Did we move too fast?

Or were we both blinded by the brightness?

The piercing feeling in our hearts didn't feel so good anymore

The piercing feeling started to eat us up alive

One day at a time

Turned into every hour

Then every minute

Then every second


Now we're both sitting alone with our heads down

Trying to figure out who was the one to blame

To me it was never me

To you it was never you

The only thing that kept us sane

Was the burning desire we both felt

The first time our lips danced

The first time we made love

But will that be enough to fuel our love forever?


It might have been the distance physically 

That distanced our hearts

But we promised each other

We promised that we would get through anything

We promised and counted down the days

Until we could be in each others arms without a flaw


You lied

I lied

We couldn't do it

Now you're my enemy

As am I yours

Who was the one to blame this time?

To me it wasn't me

To you it wasn't you


It was our pride

Both of us

Not just me

Not just you

But both of us

We will never know what could have been

And I hate to say it because you were my first

You were suppose to be my last

You were suppose to be my only

But now you're nobody to me

And I'm nobody to you

I will always want you but never want you again




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