Fight from Lonely (Freestyle verses)

Verse 1

When your out in this world all lonely

You don’t know what to do with yourself honestly

Looking back at your life is a tragedy

Your trying to move along and be strong for insanity

You set goals on your calendar and priorities

To make something of yourself and not be charity

You write down all your thoughts in a book for some clarity

And people are always figuring out how to make parodies

It’s not fun when your talking to yourself on a daily

While everyone is out socializing cheerfully

I don’t care if they hear me talking furiously

I say, “I am chatting with my God about Humanity…” 

I flipped the switch on myself to face reality

I’m just a Gemini sadly with two personalities

Why can’t I ever find a partner? That’s beside of me

I can’t continue to live like this and face humility


**Every single night I toss and turn

Dreaming about my grandpop alive I yearn

Speaking to my God about the lessons learned

But I have a long way so I heard

You can make fun of me for all the booze

I’m just trying to cope so don’t be amused

I want to wake up on a different day

To ignore all the comments the critics have to say


Verse 2

 Feeling like I am earning money just to pay bills

All my youth is fading, and I don’t have time to chill

I am worried and stressed and can’t stay still

Am I going crazy? Ask my best friend Will

People love deceiving others for the thrill

While some are seeking revenge for the kill

This seems like a purge night, I must take these pills

To sleep away the negativity and jump off that hill

Why is all this happening I ask God for some answers 

I pray almost every night but sin spreads like cancer

I want to step away from this realm before I lose my temper

To become a better person that’s the main challenger

I don’t want to be lonely, I want to be a great dancer

To get on stage, loose my fears and become that rapper

I don’t need to worry about all those questioned unanswered

I should follow my God and spread the love without slander


**I think I have been fighting with myself all along

The subliminal messages told me to write this song

To realize all the potential and prove I was wrong

Thinking I was a failure in this world and don’t belong

Now I know the truth which came to me in a blink

I must believe in myself no matter what people think

I won’t let the world consume me, please let that sink

I am a unique custom being so I won't shrink

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