You were never there for me, more absenteeism then a procrastinator working a 9 to 5 job you played me this whole time like some first shooter video game and I was the narrator. You speak a lot and have the audacity to stand there and judge me, you don’t even know me, yet you criticized me down a drain into a gutter. Quick to share an opinion about others, snares and giggles but you don’t know right from wrong. Ridicules and lies but your insecure and false, taking your anger out on me seems therapeutic right? All I wanted was for you to love me, too difficult for someone who doesn’t love themselves, you thief lying and crying fool. The only tool you had was negativity, pessimistic bastard. Yes, I’m trash talking because you put me in a grave alive to watch dirt pile up on me. No value holding creature who vacuumed my soul into a bag trashed on a Tuesday. You chased me but didn’t scare me, I still hold on to who I am. I don’t need your acceptance or appraisal for I stand alone, I have my faith and will accept judgement from my Savior.

All this time I was dependent, believing in your belief in me which is crushed, you don’t believe in yourself, selfish piece of fish sliced on a platter. I don’t need your recognition or reputation for I have built my own and trust me it stands high, you never saw the damage. A human mind can destroy not only a village but an innocent soul like trolls stealing someone’s dignity. Its shameful to discover how broken the true bully is, an expert at evaluating everyone else but themselves a word called “low” to the ground touching Earths equator low, below sea level where fish cannot swim. Most importantly if I asked what your purpose was for yourself in life your lips would seal up glued with Gorilla Glue shut, no answer just sweat pouring like water into glass. Nobody can be filled with happiness with the void you carry bigger than a haunted graveyard that is impossible to close. I have my purpose, aspirations and one thing you don’t, which is God… Maybe all I ever knew was poetry to express and speak for others too introvert to say something, its powerful and beautiful any pain carried can be written away and released into space ready to float.



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