Thoughts of a Non-Thinker.



It starts with a bang that goes around my head

as I try to work hard and get my daily bread

but I'm mislead as my face soon turns red

My heart straight drops like a lump of lead

I lead, with a vocal to feed the minds of

the dumb blind sheep, my fingers can flow

nobody will know whether I was fast or slow,

Time is running out, the clock is ticking right now

and pow, into the future you shout.

Or into the void, what can you avoid?

Listening but with interest devoid.

A dart that I shoot into the heart

The point is in, the end is pointed at you

You flew from my heart and you never knew

that all along I just tried to be true.

Go through and see a tunnel of truth

as my fingers clack clack clack inside of the booth

A youth, trying to grow up as a man

Not knowing his plan, just having one lonely fan

His mom, his dad, his friends were his family

but this story sadly, ends up sadly.

A hope, destroyed, cast away in the sea.

See what you did to him, did to me?

No more thoughts, just life, barely a breath

fingers keep moving like he's running from death

no stopping, no pause, just avoiding the paws

that swipe at his face with the razor sharp claws.

The crow caws, signalling his demise

surprise, he comes back out alive

Deprive him of his flow but he still has his soul

but the two mix together like eggs in the dough

You know, how this story ends but you just say no.

Waiting to see what you will soon sow

You reap and weep and stare in the street

seeing your sins, your life looking bleak

The peak of the mountain

is out there, without him.

Keep moving and grooving and soon

you have found him.

You hug and weep and laugh with joy

feeling like a kid with his favorite toy.

This took four minutes, goin onto five as I

realize that it's losing the vibe

I try to keep the flow and the pace

but it seems like a never ending race

to finish I can't, I can only stare and pant

at the work of my fingers freestyling out a rant.

So I end with this, a final try to spit

a mean coherent freestyle filled with some wit

Oh Lord, what a job, what a Job you knew

from all of his miseries and troubles brought through

It's You, and it'll always be

Now and forever, thinking on Thee.

My words are dribbling like drool

from an infant's mouth, a fool

I was to try and outrule

Your work in my life, how could I be so cruel?

Love given, love returned

in the end this freestyle was learned

And burned in my mind til I could spit out a rhyme

worthy of churning the Spirit divine.

I'm blind and I'm deaf, surely not a threat

until all the requirements of me are now met.

Winding and grinding out an eternal flow

I know, that someday to Your kingdom I'll go.




Beautiful. Beautiful. The pace of the poem perfectly went along with the intensity of its subject; bringing forth more and mrore examples... I truly do not know what so say other than that is incredible and God has surely blessed you

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