By The Sea Shore

Mysterious creatures immersed in the absence of light

Peculiar looking things, invisible to the naked eye

A place so deep no men have ventured due to fright

The darkness enclaves all signs of life


Life blossoms with the elevation

Schools of fish colliding

Predators satisfy their fixation

Wherever the sun can reach is thriving


All shapes and sizes they bloom

Red, purple, yellow, and blue

Wise but susceptible to human doom

Base of the food chain, tried and true


Immaculate waves hit the shore

Leaving miniscule treasures behind

Gifts from the ocean floor

Mollusks no longer confined


Hues of blue to match the sea

Rich luscious trees beyond a wicker seat

Behold a young girl, slightest sign of glee

Much too aware she will soon be obsolete 


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