Inside thoughts

Waking up everyday seems just so hard

I am tired of this routine that got me off-guard

I have no social life, I am like broken glass shards

I been talking to myself, my only insanity ward

Living distant from everyone, even family is far

My daydreams seem closer when I dream on Mars

My life is on pause… I am no shooting star

I’m not moving nowhere even with my new car

Why am I stuck in this phase, I need explanations?

Now I am down to nothing so forget about reputations

My thoughts are falling heavy like precipitation

So I am writing this song to create a new sensation

I always feel in a rush I need some patience

To sort out my life and provide the right locations

I turned to religion and practiced light meditation

I trusted in God better than those medications

I thought I had many friends I guess it was imagination

My positive outlook is gone like my motivation

All this gossip and rumors created a false presentation

I feel like I’m stuck in a courtroom with these allegations

All my hard work is written down as falsification

But those who love me, know the truth in this situation

I put others first, I disregard recognition

I work hard for what I want in every transition

Along the way I don’t need the special attention

I know I am independent maybe lonely with zero direction

But I am a Gemini, so I always have two companions

Pulling me left and right, I can’t keep balance standing

So many ideas I don’t know which plane is landing

I write all this poetry as a method of self-planning

Could I be an actor or find out clothes I’m branding?

I need to figure out a plan to stop complaining

I hope these feelings fade away through all the training

If I really focused I can change with a lot of praying

I need to find the right answers to these problems

In only believing in myself to solve them

I want to wake up to a sunrise in Autumn

Ready to start a new day, blessings we call them







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