Give it all up


A reputation is established
It has to be maintained
We like to have a lavish
Vain image of ourself engrained

Into the minds and eyes of others
Mom, Dad, and brothers
the lines that we draw of our image smother
social media to promote ourselves to potential lovers

The person that I am, I like to think I show the real me
Loud, outspoken, happy go lucky
but at the same time another part of me is contained
It's not the side that's stained on the inside of their brain

Now what does that mean, what do I not show, how do I refrain?
Do I try to keep my rep clean, I supress it's public growth so I won't be labled lame
is the lesson, of the lesser, little, lightly loosened, personality, one of David,
determining in his dang, dry, drought, field, drifting away,from destiny
Purposefully, positioning, and posturing, pushing, perfected presents, away
pretending like poetry is a form of pestilence, prying open the box for which I prayed only to hide for another day?


Who I am people see it. A son of God who has been set free
That's not taken lightly even though people pressure me.
Do I hide the God given gifts, given graciously?

Absolutely,do I have the key? Apprently I do, see I hide away the poets talent not so hidden in thee.
Do I have the key? I think I have the door. But not really willing to put it out there, take my lumps, and wake up feeling sore.
Talent, I want more, when I have more than others can dream of, but am I willing to give it all up?

Give what up? Give up fear, give up years, give up tears, give up degrees earned unwillingly earned, give it up for fees, parties and cheers, give social circles, reputations, not a jock or earkel, give up status items, meals, and decent jobs and good work, give up lies, girls, guys, give up the ability to fly, to go to a desert to try, and squeeze water out of a rock, walk on water and talk in a poetic fashion and walk in an unlocked, untamed, unblocked unshamed, scream romans 116 while I give up dreams, fantasys for something that makes me seem untamed and willing to take all the blame for going down in flames. Not caring if people know my name, if I have status or fame, if I lose it all to be who I'm trying to be. 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please never stop expressing from the heart. Continue the journey of poetry. 

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