break up

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To the girl that broke my heart  by letting our friendship die   I will never block your number  Or forget the way your cry   
Contempt of your heart, Oh! How it hurt me. It is credible, you are gone, How i could cross examine you, if you were here.
No matter how many times I tell myself not to, I can't stop myself from watching it, And everytime I do, I am always left feeling like my heart took a hit.
I wrote a poem once about how you need to break To truly shatter if you ever want to learn to put yourself back together again Because no mosaic is built without first becoming broken pieces
I'M HERE   Your eyes your lips fill my thoughts today....   We talk We sway Don’t look away....   I’m here And there are no lies
A thousand miles is pretty rough, Our relationship has turned really tough, This distance is really there, I'm not even sure you care, Now our relationship is really tight,
i still remember  the feeling of your hand holding onto mine our fingers intertwined i miss our silliness as we tickled each other and laughed together or when you put you arm around me
Been thinking too much about you And its filling me with dread My soul is screaming for its mate Cant silence the noise in my head You cut me deep once before Im still trying to stop the bleeding
You Matter.    At times like these, when it’s night, I’m tired but I want to get up. I have no drive but I’ll get up and drive.   
You did it, you really left I guess I asked for this I just didnt think it would be this way My heart was ripped out today You're gone for good Gone too soon I never had a chance to tell you
i lie awake at nightstaring at the ceilingasking myselfjust what exactly is this feeling?
if you love me let me go your words: an axe to my throat blood is fucking everywhere you ripped it out of me what happened to forever
it’s easy to be lonely in the lights of this city wondering why you can never look me in the eyes when you tell me that im pretty  
the white of my body more snow than skin ice cold to the touch i know you think i’ll thaw   this ice age has no end my fire stopped burning
you decided i needed open heart surgery so you found the dullest blade you could and began to rub it against my chest until the skin finally began to tear
no matter how much bleach i use the blood stains won’t go away i’m scrubbing and scrubbing the floorboards the wood turned cherry  
I’m ripping my brain out Piece by piece Cutting it into little squares I’ll serve you our memories On a silver fucking tray I’ll feed them to you,
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
i’m all alone in this glass house Swallowing jack under a pink sky there’s blood on the driveway keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans
dressed in blue I feel golden dancing with you my heart holden   high heeled shoes I feel beautiful dancing with you moments so meaningful   posed together
just in time for fall you lose your green tint left with no leaves at all questioning where your life went
Got me singin' on lost love and revelry I can feel you pullin' on my heart strings Your touch got me in reverie   Call me lover boy Call me just to feel
What have I done? He is restless without my touch. He needs constant reassurance. Is there no faith that I can give him? I have done no wrong. No reason t thing of another. Stress eats me whole.
strong, independent, full of life finally finding love you thought would be right.  falling fast deeper and deeper in love   quickly becomes something you'd never dream of. 
We started off strong, Pure and true, But now you’re leaving me, Feeling small and blue.   This can’t be real,
And it was after you I realized why the lord made angels in heaven far away from humans. I fell to my knees aching to touch those fluttering wings on your back
Heartbreak is my greatest muse. When all I can do is think about you, why shouldn’t I write it all down? It’s my thoughts and my feelings too. I still see in my dreams almost every night. You live in my heart but not in my life.
I fell in love at a bus stop I fell in love and came out on top I fell for him and it was my fault I fell in love at a bus stop   Across the rows I crossed alone More than hope
I fell in love with her on a Monday.
If I could ask for one more dayThat I could be yoursI’d bask in moments, the love, the security.the purity in our intentionsBefore we refused to speak what was unintentionally mentionedThe lies you’d cry
The dagger in my heart, It twists, Alas, My love for you has only hurt me. I should have known better Than To fall in love with Nothing less than a prince Who saw himself as little more than a pig.
If I were to have just one wish, I'd wish for just one careful kiss Upon my lips-chapped though they be, Oh, Sorrow! That you can't love me.
Paint and symphonies Never battling We already know who’s winning I shouldn't put one against the other But my emotions are flying  
A break up is something couples dread the most. It is something couples avoid or else they'll feel lost. Our significant other is the one that makes us whole.
I look at the stars late at night The wind that blows against my face is very cold I did whatever I could to make you shine bright When you where lonely I was always there for you to hold  
Dear Red,   I see the madness in your eyes, The insanity, the love. It’s a not matter of the chicken or the egg, But what came first?
I do not hate you. I used to think so, in the darkest hours Of the night, with salt in my mouth And wet streaks on my cheeks But now, removed I think only of the times we shared Laughs and kisses
Empty Pages   Writer’s block is like thinking you’ve met a man you could give your all to at the stage of his life when his ego is inflated like the dollar
To the girl with the beautiful soul,  
My love For thunderclouds And rainy nights Is like my love For you   Cold and depressing.  
Buy into the aestheticI wouldn't spare you a dime I am my own butcher of my edifice Not a single truth nor a single lie Could slow the ebbs in current Could stop the rising tide
(Verse 1) Just let me say I’m only a man I hope that you would’ve understand And see all the love that I had So high up but I’m about to crash and land Worse come down since my acid trip
We got apples and oranges and all of the greens We got salmon and soup pea and vitamin C. From farmer's markets, to Whole Foods, to your mom and pop shops, Together we have made our health a priority, but this has to stop.
Because I love you, I decided to stay I listened to every possible excuse that you had to say   Because I love you, I clung on until the very end
I can feel that it's going to rain Yet I don't reach for an umbrella It's the calm before the storm that I really love Yet our storm has already happened And now it's the after affects that haunt me
There was an eclipse this morning. I watched it. All I could think about was how you plunged me into such a    terrifying and dark place. You look like an angel, but you lash out like a solar flare.
Okay,   The big kid monkey bars. Today was the day. You pull yourself up until you're eye level with a row of metal bars and   You jump, one    bar, left  hand,  next   bar, 
We were kids turning pages, in a couple year long love story and it ended pages ripped, i'm sorry.    My starry eyes didn't last, dear diary, I kept them waiting, then left them
We were supposed to bike through Central Park and ride through the trees.We were supposed to take a trip to the shore and sleep on the beach.We were supposed to plant your garden and protect it from the bees.We were supposed to cuddle all night in
you feel burned again and you can't breathe again, feet in mud again, stuck can't see again, but my minds free again, my veins they bleed again, my heart it beats again, these dreams will see again,
you build with your words , you make sky scrapers from your sentences and cathedrals with stanzas ,
I wake this morning to my surprise  someone is there the World in his eyes Am I dreaming? Thoughts rationalize I fell asleep here Brain replies Who is this one
I taught you how to love me and instead you took the information to use it for herThat's all I was for youA source on how to become better for someone elseIm a used book that got put back on the shelfEverything I ever showed you on how to love was
He made her feel so alive She yearned for that feeling of joyOnly he gave that to herHer eyes lit up like the night sky at the very sight of himHer heart came out of her chest with every word he spoke and lyric he sangShe felt so alive with him Be
Gotta admit, you did a number on me And I guess I should’ve seen it coming this time But I’ve recalled how to live without you So rest assured, I’m doing just fine   I wish hindsight came before foresight
I anticipate one day, Someone might understand. That wishes I made, Would be your's to take.   The more I think, the more I care.
When you went away, I dreamt of the sun drenched mornings we spent together, and I thought of the smell of the sea in your wet hair and the glint of sand on your skin as I watched you drive us home,
I guess it became too much for you, how I loved you out loud and unashamedly. I couldn't be yours, no one ever truly belongs to one person. A connection this fitting, a kiss this deep, couldn't be the real thing.
You were like an onion Hard but easy to peel Wondering how far I should stand away from you before cutting you Before you start to make me cry Again Knowing you make me cry everytime
if you ever miss me and hesitate if you should call to tell me or not... just whisper it to the wind and let it carry your words on... maybe i'll be able to feel the coldness of your heart then
From the moment you said hi I knew I was hooked By the way you laughed, your eyes, and your love for books 2,244 miles to see that northern smile I'd stay up at night wondering if it would be worth my while
When you broke up with me and you said you needed space i was fine with it Because i thought you meant it in a normal way Rather than applying for a job at NASA.  
I hold her hand as her world liquifies through her eyes, I listen as she narrates the lies, Recreates their lows and highs. How time flies, Only yesterday he said, "Surprise" Proposing to her, that was so wise.
I remember last winter, You said it'd be alright. I looked in your eyes for warmer weather, But then the fire turned to ice.   What we once had, it was burning, But now, the flame has gone away.
Burning bridges is dangerous. It means an ultimatum, A point of no return. Once a bridge is burned, You can never cross again. Build a new bridge in its place, yes, But that first bridge is gone forever.
Walking down the hall No butterflies Nothing at all.   You pass by me I don't know what to say It's as if you've never seen me before.   January 25, 2014 6:34 PM
How could I be so stupid? I thought you were more But when I showed you the baggage I come with,  you left   Just like that.   Just friends. Because just friends don't unpack baggage;
“Can we be friends?” he asked. “Sure.” She lied. (I just wanted more…) “Are you okay?” he asked. “I’m fine.” She lied. (I’m dying on the inside…) “I’m always here for you.” He said.
"Stretched across me was a spark of lightening, One touch that tore me to pieces. What was it, I did, for him to derail my mind across these broken eyelids. I gave it my all,
1000 memories and they’re all colored blue and the darkest shade appeared the day I met you I never thought much of it, never bothered me nun Shake and bake you toke and bake We talk until we see the rising sun
Brace yourself Welcome help Armor up Enough’s enough Hope for the best Prepare for the worst Those are the words You used to calm me Down by the river Build a bridge
It has always struck me as odd, the idea that “loving you” and “losing you” are only one letter apart. This small difference is proved
She said she's sorry that she made him ashamed To be vulnerable and open Since she's been living that way It was imparted on she, so to him she did the same She never knew that the girl that she wanted to be
Not loving you? Why, that's too easy Like painting in black and blue Like counting to thirteen Starting with one, two  
My God, your steadfast love brings tears—Your plan perfection never wrong.Oh, show me how you lead my years,How broken lives express your worth.
I am slowly changing like a painting manipulated and altered by multiple artists. The artists and I grow old together. My tattered corners must add some character to me, right?
I lied for your attention. “It’s broken” “Sorry, ran out of ink” “I had to shut it down because of the storm” All of these excuses I told Not because I hated you But because I loved you
and I walked outside and nearly broke my neck trying to watch the stars because that’s where I came from they tell me but if the galaxies are in my bones
Inhale. Exxxxhale.. Check your mirrors. Watch your speed. Put your hands at 10 and 2. Why do I keep thinking about you? Stop. Stop behind the white line. Wait your turn.
It was one of those moments that I'd never forget Excitement buzzed between everyone that night You were a new high school graduate  We sat in your car to go to your graduation party
How the touch of flesh can bring emotion
You ripped out my heart and threw it at my feet. You told me I lost my mind, that’s not really fair. You listened as it slowly thumped its last beat.
I wanna taste.
Complications are starting again,
He had haunting light brown eyes,
I’m falling to pieces From these full-moon musings I kept a journal Stayed up all night   You promised one day But I wanted forever Save your sorries
You hurt me more than anyone,
 “Go with your gut feeling."    I don’t feel anything   Except the heat from my brain Coupled with the pain of thinking of him Cause I can’t, Won’t let myself stop thinking of you
loving you is a cancer to my soul
It wasn't long before she came back around to steal your heart once again
Death from lying Always crying My souls escaping to the sky There is no love among this dark Falling from grace and torn apart Consumed by you I lost myself Lived for your love and happiness
A B C D E F G, I nod my head, A flat B flat, I stare at the ceiling, C flat D flat, I lie wide awake in my bed.   Though sound may fill my mind, I pay no attention,
I lied every time I said I'd never leave  Then again so did she But now she's happier without me
It's that time of year
I miss you so much it hurts or maybe i miss what we use to have, I use to think the phrase "i love you to much it hurts" wasnt true, but as I can see thats the definition of how im feeling.
you say you love me you say you care about me but how am i supposed to belive  when you never show me  
Water raced down my window paneAnd all I envisioned was the partitionStemming from the trunk of a treeIt was solemn and it was poignant
Shove her smile down your throat, I hope you feel it, Hope you choke.
It's 3AM and I'm waiting For my phone to die And I'm pretending that It's a lie that all I want right  Now is a cup of tea and My head on your chest Breathing in your exhales
I thought this'd hurt—knowing it's something I couldn't keep.But when I ask myself what tears are for?Lubrication— salt and enzymes to cleanseperpetually gaping woundsto our social egos.
Your eyes are like a setting sun on silk green grass flowing to the wind I have nt slept since the last I saw of them I long for them, I long for their master Long for the soft cherry red lips of sweet sugar on mine
I think he left her.   The boy, the one with the leather jacket I wasn't allowed to wash.   I didn't see him go because she keeps me hidden, in the closet,
After a game of playful looks and bashful talks On a night of a friends birthday He blurted out for me to be his I, too quickly, accepted To only find out that we were determined to block out another
Roses are red,  violets aren't blue. You thought you had me forever, but I fucking hate you. Violets are purple, roses can be red. The next time I see you, I'll bash in your head.
Right about now, I don't know what i'll do without him. I know he needs me, I can Hear it in his voice. Nobody else cares the way I do. Right I jest don't know what to do. I could easily be with someone else. I am' but it's not the same.
City buildings lean forward to listen, but they cannot hear the whispered nothings you tossed around the night before--mi mariposa, mi pajarito, but never simply beautiful. Taxis beep,
Let me twist the plot and tell you of the story of the “she loves me not”s she picks the petals only to find Its says “I love you” every time but try as they might the petals cant tell
Kiss me, shove me, break me Turn these shades to black & blue, Peel back this skin, make it new Love me, hate me, infuriate me Scream a little louder; I can't hear you,
Hell is looking into your eyes and knowing I meant nothing to you. You who I have given my whole being to. I turn quickly away as tears pour down my face in a never ending cascade of false hopes and broken dreams. Congratulations! You did it!
Remember Me, You use to love me but in the end I chose to leave
He closed the door in front of me and I hope I know what I’m doing ‘Cause my heart is racing as this stranger greets my eyes.
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