Open Fortune Cookie On A Rainy Day

 “Go with your gut feeling."


 I don’t feel anything


Except the heat from my brain

Coupled with the pain of thinking of him

Cause I can’t, Won’t let myself stop thinking of you

The home I never knew existed

The only corner of my mind that comforts me when I return to bondage


And all these years the thought of you kept me intact

Love who never was

I still love you because

What does make me feel is you.


But it’s a faux utopia

And I know it

And I hate this


It's pathetic.

 When you visit my dreams I declare soulmate

it’s like you’re with me

 visiting me because you know I miss you

And I swear you think of me too

But did you?

Never responded to me or let me know it was over

Just left me for seven months

And I stepped away

Without another option

I grew colder at the thought you could do this on purpose.


To me!

Is it worth it?

Do you feel close to ANYTHING I felt for you?

I doubt it.


Because you never really cared did you?

And you only ever talked about what I didn’t say

But what gets me is it didn’t matter anyways

Because the words you say I didn’t say

Were the words you never would.


This poem is about: 
My community


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