In Too Deep

You hurt me more than anyone,

but I can't live without your love.


I don’t care about the pain

because I get to see you again.


You have the power to make me cry,

but I can’t live without you by my side.


Every second of every day,

your picture never goes away.


Your name is engraved on my heart,

but babe, it’s only just the start.


Our love burns brighter than the sun

because I have never felt like this about anyone.


Though many people disapprove,

I would fall apart without you.


My desire for you is overwhelming,

like there’s a fire burning inside me.


I couldn’t stop loving you if I tried,

and that scares me a little inside.


How am I going to survive if we break up?

It’s too painful even to think of.


I just fear, helplessly

that I need you more than you need me.

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