the big guns

i’m all alone in this glass house

Swallowing jack under a pink sky

there’s blood on the driveway

keeping a knife in the pocket of my jeans

let’s have a requiem for all my dreams

i’m all alone in this fire

they’re watching me burn alive

i don’t even scream

i don’t even mean

any of the love i ever gave

you weren’t there at my grave

i’m covered in the scars

you and i were made in the stars

i’m all alone in this prison

you never came to visit

my hands are chained

my eyes are wide

they took my shoelaces

so afraid of suicide

remember when you were on my side

the day you left

the day i died

slit my throat with my pocket knife

so now they come celebrate my life

never had kids

never took a wife

my ending came early


you knew what you were doing

when you cut our tether,

you left in hopes of better weather


the end.



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