How I feel

Mon, 09/28/2015 - 15:29 -- nesje11


You didn't stay long. 
But I was in the wrong. 
We fell for each other so fast. 
We broke like glass. 
I was always worried. 
Since I came from Murray. 
We misunderstood our feelings,
But we're still meeting. 
I got over you finally. 
& I was feeling lively. 
But You pissed me off to the max. 
& I wanted to hit you with an axe. 
You thought that'd help. 
When it just made us Yelp. 
You decided you couldn't live without me. 
So you got down on your knees. 
You've been depressed. 
While I've been in my Sunday best. 
I was having fun,
Shooting my guns. 
You've been trying,
While I've been lying. 
Yes I want you back,
But cut me some slack. 
You won't understand,
But I've been in crash land. 
You haven't been there yet. 
But get set. 
It's not great. 
It's something you'll hate. 
At some point,
You'll disappoint. 
There will be a person,
That's makes you see a different version. 
You were that one, 
& I thank you a ton. 
You'll get through it. 
It'll be a big gut hit. 
I'm sorry for hurting you. 
If only you knew. 
I don't give second chances. 
With my circumstances. 
It just won't work. 
Sorry for being a jerk. 
You'll have another "love"
You just need a little shove. 
You wanted to know how I feel. 
I feel like a spinning wheel. 
Now is not the time. 
So I had to put it in a rhyme. 



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