The Beginning and The End

He had haunting light brown eyes,

always clouded by the cigarettes he smoked, 

or maybe it was from all the thoughts inside his head that I never could figure out.

Those eyes contrasted greatly next to his long black hair,

and he was so wonderfully tall.

He had a slightly crooked nose,

but paired with his signature lazy smile one could find beauty in it.


Now months have gone by and He moved on.

He has even replaced me with an old friend of mine.

He left me here with all these cracks in my heart and words left unsaid,

He left me even though I gave up some of my sanity for him.

He left me when I was the one who should've left.

Now I'm sitting here looking back on everything.

The cracks are mending,

and I'm letting go of all those words unsaid.

Now those once beautiful light brown eyes have turned into a dull muddy brown,

and I no longer care about the thoughts inside his unfathomable mind.

Last I heard he cut that long black hair i once found so great.

I see now he was too tall and maybe that was why i could never reach his mind.

As for his crooked nose it seemed to become worse, 

and his signature lazy smile just seemed to be just that...Lazy.

You know now that i think about it, 

Cigarette breathe Isn't really my thing.






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