You did it, you really left
I guess I asked for this
I just didnt think it would be this way
My heart was ripped out today
You're gone for good
Gone too soon
I never had a chance to tell you
How I really felt
No one has ever seen me the way you did
You could see right through me
You knew me so well
And now its all past tense
But I dont know if I can get past this
I used to lean on you when it was hard to stand
But I have nowhere to turn
I curl up in bed with my hands to my chest
As close as I can get to hold the pieces of my heart together
Im not ready to fall apart
I dont wanna face the wreckage
That I left in my path
When I ripped through us like a twister
I guess I deserve this
I never meant for it to end like this
I never even gave you a chance to break my heart
Because I broke it first

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