Short Lived Long Distance

From the moment you said hi I knew I was hooked

By the way you laughed, your eyes, and your love for books

2,244 miles to see that northern smile

I'd stay up at night wondering if it would be worth my while

You knew exactly what to say 

To make sure I wanted to stay

So when you confessed your love for me

I knew it was my lucky day

By day everything seemed just fine

But your love shone as bright and brief as the sun in the wintertime

Our late night messages fell short

And when I tried reach out you blocked me out like a fort

I'd wonder and wander and research for hours

What made this Georgia Peach turn into a lemon to make our love so sour

And I hated myself because I was so upset over you

When deep down in my heart

I wanted to leave you too.



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