Love Me Not


United States
42° 46' 16.374" N, 83° 24' 1.0944" W

Let me twist the plot
and tell you of the story of the
“she loves me not”s
she picks the petals only to find
Its says “I love you” every time
but try as they might
the petals cant tell
the road to heaven
is lined with hell
The love is heard
rarely shown
its swallowed by a shallow need for home
remember me
remember this
remember to remember
the bloody knuckled fist
that stabs and grabs and jabs at my heart
remember to remember how
to play the part
of a measurment we so oft
like to forget
but this poem to my regret
is not all forget me nots…
I told you I would twist this plot
the roses are red the violets are blue
and all of them shout a huge fuck you
the soul sucking, life sucking, lie telling
daisies new.
I pluck one for luck and count my blessings
refusing to see I have all of the best thing s
Im going im going im going im gone
“hit the road jack”
Like that old song.
i promise you it wont be long
I meddle and peddle and fly all the long
And in the mean time I remember this plot of the
she loves me
she loves me
she loves me


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