a girl can dream...

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 13:47 -- Baya

i still remember 

the feeling of your hand

holding onto mine

our fingers intertwined

i miss our silliness

as we tickled each other and laughed together

or when you put you arm around me

and i would take in the scent of your cologne

god you smelt so good

i miss your voice and that adorable smile of yours;

so warm and welcoming, 

you know i get butterflies in my stomach 

when you smile at me, 

let alone when we held hands

but that's all in the past now

because you moved on

and i don't mind because you were just scared to hurt me 

neither of us did anything wrong

while you moved on, i hadn't

i still hope that, maybe, one day you'll come back 

but i know that you won't

a girl can dream though.


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Beautiful,,,beautiful,,,,feel the pain,,,


thank you 

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