What Have I Done?

What have I done?

He is restless without my touch.

He needs constant reassurance.

Is there no faith that I can give him?

I have done no wrong.

No reason t thing of another.

Stress eats me whole.

Emotions bbreak the skin. I need a break.

We speak like strangers, getting no where in time.

This rut we live in seems endless.

Is a break the end or the start of a refreshing relationship.

You say its over if we have a break.

But I love you so.

How can I be withou my heart?

What have I done to deserve this silence.

My passion stays strong, yet the point it moot. 

I love you, I do. Do you love me?

Will you anwer when you are upset?

Will I get an answer?

What have I done?

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