World War III

Brace yourself

Welcome help

Armor up

Enough’s enough

Hope for the best

Prepare for the worst

Those are the words

You used to calm me

Down by the river

Build a bridge

That’s what you said

Would get me over

 It took some time

But you borrowed mine

So I then had to ask for

Help me to breathe

I’m caught in this reef

Under the sea

Drowning from all of

My own tears

Never ceased

They never brought me more

Relief that you’re gone

I’m moving on

But you always end a battle with

Scars on your heart

Mine has stopped

Can you restart it?

Stars used to fill my eyes

I’d never thought that

Those stars would be

My demise

In world war three

World war three

Set me free

Let me be

This is world war three


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