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Dear red boy, I didn't know what to think of you until I met you, I thought the rudest of you, I thought that because you were way older we couldn't fall in love, I fell in love with you from a distance,
It's funny. I find myself running, unable to breathe. The pain in my feet told me to keep on going, Even though my turning stomach disagreed. I felt like I swallowed the whole ocean
Running around in the fields  giggling so hard, this ain't no battlefield Running to go catch the person ahead Crossing the finish line, your legs feel dead  Shaking hands and giving hugs
you started running was it because you were afraid? or because you were finally free?   your shoes were worn who knows when you bought them, as long as they could last the journey  
Sometimes we run. Just run. And run.    Sometimes not fast enough to escape our problems.   But sometimes we run  so fast we forget to  slow down  and enjoy our gift.
foaming in the throat I dragged myself over sand dunes knotted asphalt pulling the me that is not mine          
I crave a man I’ve never met with soulful eyes, I may never forget the ache in my heart’s full of regret that my words come out unremarkable.    And yet when I think of souls fit together as one,
The Player   Just yesterday, I was the player - The participation award Which the bench built in   Just yesterday, Fallouts were commonplace, And they who fell
I see you running through the rain   I know its a stretch Even for my fantastical childish dreams But I still can see it  
I'm not a physically fit person But recently I feel like running Running from my house, Running from my job, Running from my emotions, Running from who I am, Running from others,
Dear Running,   Hello again old friend. I’ve missed our long talks. You’ve gotten me through so much.   Throughout high school you were there for me. Providing some post school activity.
They all think I'm running away, but I'm flying towards day.
Feet hitting light thuds on the ground as you continue on, faster, faster Your lungs burn forests as you breathe, harder, harder, What made you go this time? Was it ambition? Was it fear?
Dear Darian,   I’m stuck in a game of tag I thought it would be fun The closer he gets, the faster I run My body is drained,  but I continue   I can’t be ‘It’
Dashing through the trees,Frightened, and scratched, with bare feet,Breathing heavily.
With tears in my eyes I look into yours Our eternal lives Have been suddenly cut short Though they are closed tight A new door unlatched.  
One step, one breath in. Two step, two breath in. Three step, three breath in. Four step, four breath in. Repeat.
Run When you crawl, Remember not to scrape your knees When you walk, Remember not to trip When you run, Remember not to choke
I’ve trained to continue running when it hurts the most. Never giving up on my goals. Showing others that the impossible can be possible. People inspired and motivated as they watch.
I've run far beyond the physical gliding across the ground on an old pair and as I tread through the sprinklers,
Running the day away Clearing my mind Nothing but me, nature, and the blue skies The hills attempt to trouble me And most times they succeed
A storm is coming  The school is quite  kids slam car doors and ride off on bikes  with unbuckled helmets   fast  they hurry home    Wheels buzz  like bee's wings 
I swear upon my lips her hips and highs  crazy loud pack lit like your fates demise third eyes enlightened straight LS die
I am not feelin’ good. Instead of staying in my sheets I will hit the streets It was a bad day But this will be a good run.  
Run, They Said.   Run, they said. Run they, said. But please, oh, please, go fast instead. Of that trudgy trot you always do Run like you did before you grew.  
So, there is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...and I want to experience it. Feel death just beneath my grip, as a lazy smile and a witty quip. Unfamiliar like home, somewhere nonexistent, where I don’t belong. Steel buses and late night rushes, clo
Here is the trail; right over the hill Runs that my soul sang out along; You can see my secret creek in the ravine still, with my makeshift bridges choked in winter’s grip.  
Oh beautiful, starry night;This is how I want to die.Wrapped up in thoughtUnaware (of what’s coming)
Is this what it means to be a dragon?To hold fire in your lungs?To burn, to wholly consume oneself?To choke on your own ash and smoke?
Through the rain, the wind and the snow; over the hills and fighting fatigue; wanting to quit but never stopping. All I will ever need to face the adversity life presents to me, is a pair of running shoes.
Running has many nicknames. Some call it torture; Others call it peace.   For me, running is refuge. It’s safety from the storm called life:
She is a girl.Living off the sustenance of guys' attentions.She is hurling aroundat a million miles an hour.Out of control.But she needs it,you see.If she slows or stops,she might remember
The gun fires and instinct takes over as I attack out of the blocks, a mighty grizzly hunting my prey, powerful arms swinging 
I will continue to write Until the day that I fall Fall into the ground Or let my thoughts overrun me. The day will eventually come When I can't get them out quick enough My mind runs out of space 
Nerves rush All at once
I don't have a number for how many times;But I remember running...I remember harsh lighting in tired eyes,And middle of the night, fight or flight car rides...Phone calls and ringing;Then screaming.
Every now and again I pretend That I am a princess on the run
Running, farther faster harder. Stretch it, push it.  Break it.   Keep moving never pause for even a  moment, when you’re on the edge
ask any of us and we'll say it's hell to run and run and run until our feet swell sweaty tired faces and sore legs too running 10 miles is a daily thing to do
They say that it’s an addiction, An impartial accusation, Blame best left with the man in the moon   But Hell hath no flame Hotter than lust   Steam rising up Breath heaving out  
A simple escape, a free therapy session, a time of reflection, a release of tension   One foot in front of the other breathing in and out, a rhythm in my head as I run along this route.
Running through life and I feel so free Running fast to my destiny As I run through my life I see the years fly by No time to stop and look when I'm running through life
Breath in. Breath out. Go.   My legs move quick in motion. It feels familiar, like an old friend. I let go of all emotion. I move like it is my time to end.  
Here is for my love We run in rain or in sun Together we run
Angry dragon formed up high,
I run
Pounding the pavement-                                      Just breathe. Rounding the corner, and drowning in water-           Just breathe. Sprinting the last steps while blurring my
You know why I run?
I run and run with no where to go.
The air is perfect temperature 
Your breathing is ragged. Your lungs are on fire. Your body is exhausted, but you continue.
  I’ve never been accused of being fast, I’ve always finished almost last. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to run Those days when I get up with the sun.   I may not be getting Olympic gold,
I fall asleep with wandering dreams The colors are so vivid; I’m bursting at the seams I’m walking on endless thoughts
I used to think that hiding, was the only way to survive.  Then I found running, and my eyes opened wide.    I ran to escape and then I ran to be free,
All I do is run! But why do I run? Is it because it is fun Or because I travel a path traveled by none? Pondering the questions of my life and wondering why.   Running gives me an escape
cool and crisp golden morning dew soaking through socks burning sensations in chest legs are flying sweat is dripping passion is erupting never stop running
Sit back and hear the Dragon's cry Search for the stories thrown across the sky
Running is a cruel and grueling sport. Many look at those who run and think we're crazy
  The wind rushes into my face,I try to keep an even pace.
  Not a day will go by that people will end the day with regret.
Tentative footsteps to confident strides,
On your mark. Set. Go! Out into the world and claim it as your own See the passing street lights as you get into your zone Focus, as you open your stride
We are the really quite plain, Yet somehow considered insane And what we hope to gain can only be measured By the numbers on a clock.   Our furrowed and sweat covered brows
Bloodshot digits awaken from below,
If you look beyond the city Mother Nature continues after it was wrongfully stolen from Over there lie dirt trails that extend for marathons In the first gleam of dawn, I am already there
I can feel the target on my back Drawn with sweat and dirt And can hear the footsteps chasing me Muffled spikes in dirt With my success Comes another’s failure Pained smiles and caged disappointment
You do not need to be fast. You do not have to finish the 5k you registered for the morning of, vulnerable. To be a runner, just start. Let the cheetah of your legs move you
Finally the time has come to run Spring time is always filled with so much fun   Laughs and cheers fill me with bliss Everyone is over joyed and the snow will not be missed.  
The sun was gleaming overhead, the temperature somewhat chilly
Tick tock, tick tock 1, 2, 3, 4 Starts the race. 7 hard steps. 5 fast seconds. - Tick tock, tick tock 75, 76, 77, 78 Starts the second lap. Draft behind first. Don't drop the pace.
The air is thin   I could suffocate    I am alone    Rushing through the fog   I ascend    A light   
The sun sheds a tear for the moon,       and the moon for the sun. For only a glimpse of the others is caught       before each must run.
Sweat seems to seep out With bitterness and  burning As it slithers down and  air So sweet burns just the same as if  tiny jewles and crystals line my throat dry
Wet perspiration drowning his face, Suns giving light to the world around. Every stride reaching for the ground, While every drop of determination fuels the pace.   Time abrutly stops to a reverse,
  Running for the Evening Sky   It seems these days all I do is run,
Mother said her friend would be running She would know one companion and feel one comrade Agony was a neighbor she would always visit  A home was unspeakable and shelter was futile
So you're thinking about running And it's less about the outcome, the hardened muscles and lean body, And more about the feel of wind Rushing through your hair Feeling the elements As they pass
What's UNDER the ARMOUR? What's inside the shell? What stirs up the STORM? What causes the swell? When times get tough, Do I run and then hide? Or do I stand up and fight,
Run that extra mile, Pick up those and move them to that pile. Keep up that pace, The goal of this is to finish your race! You look tired, you seem sore But you have to keep giving it more.
Running through the woods so deep Hitting the ground with my cold hard feet Feeling the air rush through my lungs Slowing only to find the sun  
Crunch…Crunch…Crunch…   Man, it’s humid out today… can’t blink or else the sweat will burn my eyes, just what I need… We’re only at the mile mark?!...  This is gonna be a long race...
Running fades the images inside my head. Running fades the sounds around me. Running fades heartache. Running fades my problems. I run, away from it all. Running fades the doubts people have on me.
When you run you not only see but feel, The cold engulfs you with its incredible zeal, Birds chirp and your stress heals, Your mind is free and so is your appeals, Flying in the wind seems so inviting,
The passion runs through my vains
Today I can be the same woman as I was yesterday  Or I can be the change I want to see Today I can let my anxiety take over me  Or I can step out on the track without a care in the world 
I used to hate running all I could hear, were feet pounding all I could feel, were lungs burning I saw nothing ahead, not even my next step. But now it's different. Now, It's Freedom.
Run to forget all the troubles of the day The faster your feet move the faster it melts away Fresh air flowing in restores peace of mind You find youreself running to something you cant find  
Out on the streets, I run by many things I run by the cars in their rush By jagged cracks in the concrete By hills of strength and downhills of bliss   My feet propel me foward
She was running towards the future. She was running and runningTrying to catch her breath even though it was getting kind of hardShe was running towards her future. 
Mind racing 100 meters a second Back to the old days when I set the record Straight, that is, the path I ran Though none of it was my own plan   Forced to run, but no where to hide
15 April 2013, 11:43 PM 150 Boylston Street, Boston Dear America,
A Runner’s Tale The gun goes off, the world is still, then all things come alive. The chaos moves to the forest’s calm. This is where I thrive. I move like wind up to the front, to head the wild stampede.
All lined up almost ready to start,
As I run this cross country race, I try to dream about other things important to me. I sprint past other runners, trying to gain a lead. Other runners are trying to push me out of the way, so I push them right back.
The wind bellows into the stadium, Leaves sail by in a peaceful manner, The green turf also flowing with the breeze, As the up-rights stand still in shining yellow glory.  
              Running, running, running As fast as I can go They're coming closer still My breath is running low  
Her hair swings down her back, Her Nikes are pounding down the pavement, Each step leads her to a new world, Water starts to fall, landing everywhere. She spins with the beat while the water spins with her.
Running. running. Always running. Never back. Only forward. Never down. Only up. Running. Always running. From the past. To the future. From the street.
Running is peace, Running is joy, Running is fun, Running is clarity.  
All my dreams, a thousand miles away they lie nestled against him as he sleeps too bitter and faithless to kneel and pray the life that I wanted, I could not keep   I hunger for his voice, to hold his hand
I run for people For charity and races And those who cannot
  I am a running man of ginger And I run faster than them all. I was rolled and pounded and cut out of dough Made in an oven as hot as the steam of dragons.
This is my Race From the starting line to the finish line I do not run for anyone but me Runnning is my life My stress revealer When I hear that gun shot My heart pounds non-stop
i am not perfect perfect is far from my reach i have not always lived to the expectations you had for me but i am something. i have something to show for all of this.
Lace up running shoes, Hit the trail; Lost in thought, Discover yourself
Give me Spring in her finest Dressed in dandelions galore Today’s hazy sunset wearing Winter’s breeze   Take it all away Save the sun on my shoulders As I run through the hills
Miles after miles, three point one. Sweat drenched clothes; running until you puke. This is cross country.
Bags under her eyes, but ever alert Sleep was a luxury she can't afford. Always moving and never staying long Trying to look to the future, but the darkness of the past blocks her way.
My life: it’s like one of those practices where you keep running suicides The whistle blows, you start running You don’t know when it’s going to stop; but what you do know is you have no other option but to give it your all
I am running the most arduous part of the race-the last half-mile. It is now when I’m counting my breaths, struggling to find air inside my lungs. It’s now when I ache for the finish line to be beneath my pounding feet.
Everyday I want to quit just run My legs hurt, my lungs hurt, I quit just run Dizziness crashes over me just run In practice, in races, in life just run  
Running is my second religion,<br> Kick boxing is my third.<br> My happiness is opposite of a smidgen,<br>  these things my age is often unheard!<br> I'm healthy and smart,<br> and no matter what people say,<br>
Rain forms on her skin and falls upon the ground Each step, each breath, a labor—they see her, try. Panting, struggling, doing her best not to be “this” They see her now, she cries inside—embarrassed.  
  Footprints in the sand vanish from under the howling winds of the great mosaic.  The Mojave lends all but safe passage. mountains rise and fall as the footprints ascend and descend their creviced skin of rock and stone. 
She shivered with anticipation As she impatiently stood alert Expecting the piercing sound of the gun. But, no matter how soon she thought it was going to go off, She was always surprised
Scuffed shoes, light as smoke on life-bruised feet. Alone with my reflections And the moon And the thump, thwap, scrape Of soles on ground up asphalt.
When I run, I am free, my chains are broken. My shoes are like the13th Amendment; I am no longer a slave to society. When I run, no one can own me, the road becomes my empowerment. Strength, Struggle, Satisfaction.
Exercise is good for you, Blood, sweat, and tears, will get you through the deepest blue and fit throughout the years, you may not like it at the start but then you get addicted,
I watched you go running today I watched as you looked and looked Throwing things here and there Searching for a companion You threw me a glance and sighed I hoped
I run through the streets, pitter-patter Darkness on my heels I keep moving, leaping, flying-fast The world running past Darkness ahead draws nigh and the street-lights Stand against the stars
Child, he was just a child He was shot in cold blood With no reason, but he was the victim Children, children, children These children were young They probably thought they did something wrong
Weakened by the turmoils of the world I am contained By the television screens that speak of the cruelties And hinders my heart day after day
Apples, chicken, peanut butter too, all these foods are good for you turkey, water, anything green, nourish your body, its a mean machine running, walking, lifting weights, ooo
Awake, alive, running to have a chase; Dim forest peels back branches binding light Allowing shadows lurch across my face As the feet reach to more ground for my flight
Running from fear, Running from the past. One moment, a lifetime, is spent here; The next, he is gone at last. Running from life. Running from pain. Running from strife.
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