Using my heart for other reasons than living

Today I can be the same woman as I was yesterday 

Or I can be the change I want to see

Today I can let my anxiety take over me 

Or I can step out on the track without a care in the world 

Today I can run and hide from my fears

Or I can conquer them 

Today I can run for everyone 

Or I can just run for me 

Today I can run trying to win you back,

trying to prove that you're still the one

Or I can run knowing that I've moved on 

Today I can run to make my coach happy or my dearest parents, brothers or sisters

Or I can can run to make me happy 

Today I can run for scholarships, trying to prove to them all that I'm good enough 

Or I can run knowing that I am good enough 

Today I can run against my teammates and rival schools, 

Or today I can race against time 

Today I can run with my legs

But today I refuse to do that 

Instead I will let my heart take over 

Today I will fly because everytime I run I tend to fall

No, today I will soar 

Today the gun will go off, and I will break records

Because I finally saw the change in me that I wanted to see 




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