Thu, 05/22/2014 - 11:59 -- mjboger


Mother said her friend would be running
She would know one companion and feel one comrade
Agony was a neighbor she would always visit 
A home was unspeakable and shelter was futile
Looking after herself was her only means of survival
She had one responsibility
Her sunset was her child to care for
Parents asleep and her siblings eyes were closed
Thieves of life stole her clan
 butchers were bound to her demise
Running was her current chore bequeathed by her mother
She was a target forevermore until she joined her tribe 
 gutters were her headrest 
for a sanctuary she would never have 
While wondering for sustenance to her horror she is discovered
She took to her mothers words
Rushing for escape a wound she must endure
Hands reach to grasp her prideful hair
Contention was her elude 
Safety was the incentive in which drove her searching 
A sanctuary was her requirement for life
A building on the corner leapt to her eyes
Blood fogged her vision but a cross emerged threw
Running and darting fire, she edged closer threw the black
Closer and closer she fought toward hope
Fates on her side she achieved her desperate goal 
An obstacle in her path she soon demolished to escape
Comrades closing in but iron sufficed her need 
Hope still burned within her she would not fail her clan 
Their blood-line would not become extinct
Father appointed her clasher and she would remain
Running may be her new life 
But she would never forget her last
Duty to herself was a duty as well to her name
The Romanovs would forever be an enduring target


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