that time i ran through some sprinklers with my friends after a football game

I've run far beyond the physical

gliding across the ground on an old pair

and as I tread through the sprinklers,

dripping like a full sponge

the water catches my eye

bright as a hole in the sky

each droplet reflects the abundant moonlight

'ntense as a flame, a sight for yearning eyes

stars shower around my very form

entrancing me, holding me firm to my spot

descending in various shapes

with no sign of stopping.

I couldn't complain. 

I've sought nothing but wholesome encounters

genuine experiences, the fruits of my youth

having ripened long ago, equally desiring

basic use

only recently did I learn to extend my arms,

extend my arms and reach for the sky

else how would I a chance

to shower in the stars?

to bathe in the corona of life

and retain with me the genuinety

I had so desperately sought.


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