The Player

Tue, 10/09/2018 - 20:47 -- mneuner

The Player


Just yesterday,

I was the player -

The participation award

Which the bench built in


Just yesterday,

Fallouts were commonplace,

And they who fell

Brought me down with them


Just yesterday,

I wasn’t the star;

The bench was warmer

Than the muddy ground


Just yesterday,

There were no risks;

There were no doubts;

There was no mind


Now, today,

Everything’s a risk;

The doubts I find

Make my mind stronger


Now, today,

I can be a star,

And my feet on the ground

Carry me farther than I ever believed


Now, today,

The fallouts have ended

Their reign, and I am

Soaring above them


Right now, and for as long as I live,

I am a runner, a racer,

And the bench, thrown out,

Gives way to the victories coming in.

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