Race of A Lifetime


The sun was gleaming overhead, the temperature somewhat chilly

As we stepped off the bus, and took in the course; very hilly

Few words were exchanged, our bodies nervous and tense

We finished our warm ups, and all that was left was suspense


Bang!”shot the gun, a stampede of runners went flying

Going as fast as I could, minutes later I felt like dying

I had one thing on my mind, and that was to be a state champ

The thought overtook all pain, when my side started to cramp


I was doing all I could, my legs starting to burn,

It was then I looked up ahead, and saw the sign that read “Suicide Turn”

I pushed through the hills, I knew the finish was near

Then I crossed the finish line, for the final time that year


Our team gathered round, knowing we'd done our best

We were just hoping it was better than the rest

Our coach told us the news, we had gotten 2nd place

Though not what we wanted, we knew there would be another race



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