Run Unnoticed

I swear upon my lips

her hips and highs 

crazy loud pack lit like your fates demise

third eyes

enlightened straight LS die

just a youngin trippin oh yeah he’s so high

and oh yeah take a dive  

lifes about risks homie run with a blindfold no eyes

exersize for the prize

finna fit in this world like sleek and focused

and i run unnoticed

my motives are always the notice to vacate the hostess

and you better believe me

believe me 

just a white boy yeah they love me in the streets

yeah they love me in the streets 

aint no fresh meat nah

I’ve been at it 

Since I dropped 18 I roll with the masters

I ball with the classics

and I I

I’ve been short

Picked up on a job now my dead homies nappin in my pocket

sincerely bruh I got it

I aint on one but I’m on it

straight to the task 

is there a total time allotted?

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