Just Breathe

Pounding the pavement-

                                     Just breathe.

Rounding the corner, and drowning in


          Just breathe.

Sprinting the last steps while blurring my

vision, no stars paint the skyline-

                                                  Just breathe.

Stroking and flying, I hurdle the sunlight,

just chasing, not catching, but almost


                  Just breathe.

Pointing my fingers, I push that much

further, my bullet of chances just barely

skirts past, it tastes too much like honey-

                                                             Just breathe.

I'm gripping the edges, with fingers of

butter: not optimal hands? Take a look

past the oil, just past the blank picture I

see a small girl-


Just breathe in the scent of her sweat in

the air; is she pounding the pavement, or

eating the sounds of her breathing? Just

heaving and counting the moments, her

father, that's time, in the backroom he

waits: O dear daughter come forth, and

accept your cruel fate, cause you're

running too late or-


Stop breathing. I'm leaving you here in

this home: lock it down, shut the door,

build steel walls filled with gold, to protect

all your things, all your valuable things,

cause God knows that in Heaven we'll

trade with the dollar-

so slow down-

and stop-

Just breathe.


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