The Little Seedling

I am three ice cubes floating a top a large cup of coffee

a squeak from the metal swing that so gently sways

I am a train, whose tracks are the veins of our society

just waiting to shift out of place..


I am the bitter that marries the cold

the fiddler who can't play

I am the silence that sings in your ears when your alone

the paint that slowly fades..


I am the fire that ignites the rain

the windowless pane

I am the light from a star, that guides the way

through a dark, foreign place..


I am the knife, whose blade is the edge of insanity

the dashes on a old 63 highway

I am an infinity, always running circles

knowing everything will be okay..


I am a glass that's half full,

and not half empty

I am a book cover that is a blanket for all the secrets,

hidden beneath..


I am the last line of a phrase

a 'I love you' on a mid-summer day

I am a single blue rose..

Once a bud

but now I'm fully grown..



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