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I tried.   I tried.   I tried; I really fucking tried.   You're in my mind all damn day and I can't stop thinking about you.  
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.  
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
New year.   New classes.   She's only in 2 of them with me.   Last year, she was in all of them.   I still see her.   I sneak glances.   We don't talk.
I need her smiles. Joyful. Meaningful.   I hear her laugh. Heart-warming. Delicate.   I watch her face. Prepossessing. Emotional.   I see her hands.
Let's blossom without her ShadesPigments, hues are your traitsPetals want to see the trailsDon't forget the autumn's WayShe is just like Magical RaysHave you forgot the summer's blaze
To be worth a lifetime Such a beautiful lifetime, infact never in this lifetime will I allow love to take my soul and darken my eyesight,
"She was my little girl God, how I had loved her She was not made for me; even though you made her. Out of fine flesh and Earth she was made, then woven and threaded along head. She was ripe but not rough,
The world looks up at her,  She shines, supernova, stardust. Spectacular in her grace. Watch her as she tiptoes, Dancing, gliding, glowing. My constellation, my muse,  My zodiac.
Im only 18 And i have already found my deepest fear My worst nightmare  And i know that it will probably change as the time goes by  But now here it is  Fear that in the end
she was a magician in the way she could hide her bad days smilimg smiling smiling you’d never know you never did know   Kira   Instagram: @kirapoems
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im,her,from the look to the style to the sexy classical way she is from her small size feet to her long maine hair to her apple bottom behind seating right sitting tight in her jeans im her im so her to the way she blush t
she a petite figure with short hair who noticeably feels so much sees so much thinks so much
When I met you, my heart trembled the way it did when she left.   ~awatr
she's gorgeous the girl of my dreams. she doesn't know it and it makes me wanna scream. everytime I see her my heart slows down stops pounding, trying to rip out of my chest. the world makes me hurt
There are some boys who talk in gamesAfter they get hard they say One must remember about his love without blameFirst say I remember my teacher when he was angry You must work you must studyTo make your country above in a way To let the enemy run
There are some boys who talk in gamesAfter they get hard they say One must remember about his love without blameFirst say I remember my teacher when he was angry You must work you must studyTo make your country above in a way To let the enemy run
You told me, "It's over..." again. I know that, Jorge... It's been over. You know that and I know that.. And of course... You KNOW I know that.. So who was the validation for?
We've been down this road before. Each time it hurts a little more. I really don't know WHAT you want from me. When we are doing good, WHY won't you let it be? I KNOW that you love me, don't say that you don't...
There's nothing more I'd like to do, then snuggle in close and fall asleep with you..
I really want to call you... & tell you I still care... But I know you won't say it back.... & I don't think it's fair..
If I could build the truth for you, I'd make it out of titanium steel... I'd weld it together with all of the reasons -WHY- I STILL feel the way that I feel...
FOR: My Ex Now, but My Love ONE 4ever.. J.G. (*BTW, MOST of poems are about him....) I'm glad you took everything that would remind me of you.. Cause I don't want to remember anything we went through.
She confronts me each day. She challenges me and forces me to overcome situations that I couldn’t fathom occurring. She Shapes me. She shapes me because every time she pushes me down I am motivated to get right back up.
I love you,  and each and every thing, you consist of.  You say, we’re all made from what formed the stars,  but there is no light, nothing to shine out through the dark, without her. 
The stars spell your name in a thousand love letters, as we're hand in hand whispering secrets in the dark.  You bring sunshine on a rainy day with your laughter, drying my tears with a kiss.
Let me hold you close, Keep you safe, Where nobody knows. Whisper my thoughts into your ear, Pull you in tight, Tell you my worst fear. You can depsise and shun me,
My savior, my soul, the seeping safety in which I have solemnly become so secure in the arms of my loved one who portrays themself to me in song.
Her lullaby is sung by her tears just to awaken to the same Melody. Her smile is faked so she can face the world. There are no words to calm the sadness that over flows onto her face when she's alone.
Life is tough when you fall so easy, you never see it coming Smiles make you melt, words shatter dreams of the lonely It's tough when he only looks at you, you fall faster
i spend my days now trying to forget your voice, the same voice that made the my skin stand tall, the same voice that told me everything would be okay,
Driving up the mountain just to see the sunrise I saw something that really caught my eye  I saw the trees that stand proudly in the summer And I couldn´t help but say they reminded me of her 
Ethereal angel of ice and snow,  Against thy cheeks, the wind doth blow. A zesty tang of winter spirits Bid thee come to see and hear its Melodies of gentle breeze, see Spectacles of painted trees,
she came into my life the most electric lightning bolt nothing delicate like a squash blossom or an english daisy do you feel that
You can either trick her into thinking your special Or You can threaten to leave her Which one would you rather kill her with?
This person Im so in love with, but I hurt them , and now im hurting , Ever since I met them I felt the need to be close to them, I got them and I still have them 
Think you're all that Grab a girl and plant a kiss and say you can't help cheating Here they all come rushing back This one this one is mad at you now cause you went and kissed the new girl
As I look up at the clear blue sky I see your green eyes looking at me with a great demise While your nose crinkles at the forgotten smell of freshly cut grass
Will you ask me to stay?   I don't know what went wrong, We were supposed to last long. I tried my very best, But you ended up just like the rest.
List of Things You Do Not Understand:  
  I want you to know that I love you That I always have and that I can’t help it I want you to know that I accept if you can’t love me back And that I’ll still love you
Somehow, she is everything She has this mind and I could spend All of my forevers trying to know Everything that’s on it
 You said you had to find yourself  Which was confusing to me  Cause I see you so clearly  Your crystalline eyes like marmalade in the sunlight Your hair like chestnuts Cascading down your spine under your snapback   Brushing it out of your face w
The flowers you give to me  The sky in the morning when you text me  My nails after I found out it was your favorite color Purple is the sound of your voice  The sound of a train in the distance 
Sleep I say as her eyes grow heavy  as I brush my fingers lightly against her face  I lul her to sleep telling her how I adore her whispering sweet nothings in her ear which results in her snuggling closer to me 
Fluffy black hair cut short and eyes like a does, Feelings like a chocolate fondue fountain, it flows No letting it go, what we have I feel is true It grows but breathes, my love for you.
Because you love me you sat up all night Despite having work the next morning, early So I could cry over nothing Because my anxiety told me “Warning: OVERWHELMED”  
  She is everywhere Even now, I swear she never left She’s in every car ride When rock songs play The echoes of the way she sings
She has hair that falls over her shoulders in straight caramel colored strands. She has blue eyes that are perfect pictures of the ocean . She is a good 4 inches taller than me and looks great in everything. And she has you
Another day, another smile Yesterday she laughed Last night she stayed awake After all, he was why   After talking to her, he didn't want to stop Last thing he wanted was for her to cry
I thought about her today I thought about her eyes  Her hair, her lips, The way she lays Down on a soft bed I thought about her  And all of her magnificent beauty I do that a lot
I look in her eyes I have never met someone Who made me feel the way The early morning sun And the splashing waves On white sandy beaches Make me feel Until I saw into her eyes
True  This poem is long over due But you should know what you mean to me without me writing words  And reading them from a screen You've put up with my silent rage
Passionately irrational longing for compassionate entanglements with this lie the fault . Thunderbolts shoot across her skies its blinding . Lightning rages , striding amongst the dying . These empty truths we choose .
What if I'll tell you I was there, would you run towards me? What if I'll tell I was with you for years, would you believe in me?
It was in her darkest corner that he found her light. She lost it so long ago from this broken system of society. Trampled, beaten and abused all she knew was pain. The beauty she once seen is since long gone more of just a faded memory.
She looks at you and sees the galaxy in your eyes, the ocean in your soul. She sees the sadness in your smile. Yet, she loves you with every drop of her soul's ocean.
She warms my heart from the cold bitterness that would plague it.   she has awakened me  from the nightmares of my life and brings light into it   may she bring more sunshine 
I know it has been a while and about a million miles bIt I still think of you and the things we used to do   the times we would spend
She was darkness, she was light, She was beauty in my sight. She was mad and stressed, She was sad and soon became depressed.   That girl is my rock, She is my raft,
B L I N D I see the way he looks at her He wants her He would brighten her The perfect two Oh, joy! Like they were matched Meant to be But, She's too blind!
Her smile so bright or eyes lit afire, she floods me with desire. Her lips so sweet, harsh but kind like rum mixed with lemon-lime.   Her tongue so sharp and irrational, yet utterly sensational.
Do we react like universes? And Experience ourselves ironically? She sleeps -- she's peaceful now -- on soft white sand; The ocean of her eyes starts looking starry. But I am drowning. Just 'cause I'm supposed
It was the Winter of my being But outside I felt the heat. A lot of people I am seeing That I’m not pleased to meet.  
I didn't used to feel this cold. I was the kind of kid that kept summer within them. I went barefoot through the snow, I wore shorts late into the fall. Never brought a coat. That was before I met you. 
It's 4 pm 12 hours ago I was awake  Make no mistake I've been up so damn late.  Wait, retake. It's 5 am and 12 hours ago i was walkin, 
I was there for you I gave you my heart I was not aware that I was just fixing your heart So you could go give it back to her Just to be broken  Again
I never really understood this,  You were my "person" , meaning that i'm in love you with you, wantint you You are in love with another person, wanting them  My heart used to skip a few beats because of you
When I struggle to get going, she helps me greet the day She promises adventures, that will make things all okay I know that I can trust her, her smile has never told a lie so I slowly get up, and to my bed I say goodbye
It's the color of fire as it dances in the wind, alone. It's the hue of her lips as she leaves a trail on his neck, like a sentence that will never be finished. It's the color that rushes to your fingertips
she brings the rain. and I just wanna dance in it. 
Why is it so hard to realize when someone has perished, that she is gone?   I know that she is gone but it doesn't feel real. I can feel her all around me. In every room I feel her prescence,
She was my friend. Blonde, green-eyed, Fair skinned and delicate. She was perfect in more ways then one. And I fell for her.   She was a flower, Beautiful and dainty.
The blood rushed through him As she spoke of what had happened to her He loved her so Composing a plan of what to do  
She peaks like swell in the ocean and crashes into the sand dunes. She soars with the pelicans and falls with rain. She is the orange sunset glimmering across the river, only to disappear over the west when looked upon.
Cold. The first thing I feel when coming into this unruly world. Noise fills my ears as beeping and voices fill the room. I think they are happy But I am not.
I can’t live without the first scent of the fall breeze. I can’t live without stomach aches from laughing so hard with my best friend when we haven’t seen each other in such a while.  
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Getting close to Her redefined life's whole meaning, how I knew it. Her persistence made me inclined to let Her help me through it.   Being with her makes me feel safe
i keep thinking about her. feeling bugs crawl up my throat writing about bugs because thats what she does mimicking every move like a mirror  
I’ve been kind of tired. Tired of the fact that i have to start off every poem I write Every blog post I make Every tweet with i’m tired.
I’ve been kind of tired. Tired of the fact that i have to start off every poem I write Every blog post I make Every tweet with i’m tired.
When I think of her all I can do is smile, I feel her heartbeat across all these miles. I think of our little vacation, away from our worries and reservations.  Wishing for more than two days, forever seems like light years away.
What I need is some security I know finding someone worth keeping is a rarity Believe me this ain't no chairty Cause all I need to survive is a little love But waiting for someone, is something I'm sick of
There are times when she makes me so angry that I just want to leave; but then again, I can't imagine her not by my side. The thought of her being with someone else makes me so jealous.
The Eyes of the World Those cerulean blue eyes glow Likes waves upon the sea, Moving with their ethereal flow. Those gorgeous eyes betray nothing, Yet speak a million words carefree
Day 29:  I need her, Like the waves need the moon to move I need her. I need her in every way. She made the inevitable form of death not even cross my mind. Who is her you ask?
When there is someone you truly love, You'll find that life before them was without consequence. Without purpose. You feel useless. Before I met Her, I thought that what I couldn't live without was materialistic.
Her, the person my heart longs for, day and night as the stars swing by. Why? Because I love how her skin shines under the sun the same exact way it shines in a dark room,
What if I’m never good enough for those I adore? I see wonders in a new face: ensnared by her  beauty grace and warm heart. captivated by an overwhelming, happy presence;
Don’t foresee Everything With discontent   A day Will come For you too Beauty Is not something That is concerned To the way you look The only thing
Don't you know how much IEver did love you? Don't you everUnderstand my feelings? You were the sole reasonOf me stoppingWriting songs of love
Saintly silent waits he, to have a silent slight glimpse of her again, he silently misses her milky face, her big round eyes.   Saintly he waits silent, for his silent alarm to ring again,
saintly at a Saint's college, theY wEre to be at, Being at the same halls anD. the beAutifuL audItorium, meSsaging even when professors near but now,   Part bY part. thEy fell apart,
He created no problems as others did to her   she believed him giving her number, sharing her personal problems, sent pictures of hers   her family, their new car
To a Lavender named Lucy   Oh my pretty, fresh, young yet lovely and precious Lavender I have no creativity as thee To write in papers of colour
A stone so blueA Sapphire or soA doubt a soFor she, lovedThe colour of lavenderYet as oneWas she, also to be
People come Like, comment, share And go   But forever His mind And heart Is for Her   His life Wants to Go away With Her And run Away too
I want to curl up into you And forget where I end and you begin I want to smell your scent The one I love so much I want to feel your fingers run through my hair I want to hear your heart beat
I know you led her on And you’re doing the same to me I know it’s not your fault It’s just how you are But please stop holding my hand And looking at me with your green eyes
It´s not about how good you are, It´s about how good you want to be. Write words cuz I feel better about it, Live and love are bad words. Thought love would come not hit. I remember ever crease in your skin,
Insert feelings here, is what I've come to learn, I never knew they were here to stay... While my feelings were sad and my skin with fire would burn, She promised she'd be here no matter what -- and I love her that way.
Herr with a mind so complex and a spirit so playful Herr a brain so intriguing and a heart so pure Herr a soul full of love to give and hands full of space i want to fill Herr
Shall I compare thee to a summer day,
Think back to when you first felt the flutter of butterflies doing acrobats in your stomach The first time you looked at a girl and somehow knew she was special
You say you hate yo
It isn't t
The dragon roars,
When she sleeps, her jaw sometimes slacks and her tongue sticks out And her eyebrows, which are very expressive, rest too. When she sleeps, she wraps herself so tightly in the solitude of her blankets,
She is, in essence, all things. She is the universe embodied, and every tiny speck of dust within it. In her infiniteness, she draws all who meet her in and gives them a piece of her.
I feel so lost,
Dear Mom and Dad, I have something to tell you.
I think the saddest word is maybe Maybe I did It Maybe it was not me Maybe I will never admit   If I may be a good girl  Maybe I should wait
I have trouble keeping my imaginary body together, Free from the safe house of epidermal covering and rippling plasma I used to be enamored, in love with the entity that led me to my self-destruction
her words stung me in the heart like a poisinous bee stings its victom.  it allowed me to speak from the heart Her smile her beautiful, beautiful smile that even in the word days and time always made me smile and rejoice.
She walked; no, walked could not describe the way she moved. She glided down the hallways, turning every head like the giant wind turbines that littered the plains she lived in and dropping every jaw like the first leaves of autumn.
The thing I would change  Falling in love with her She loves me for me She has captured my heart  And  she is an amazing person to be with   I hade back all my feeling for  some I love
You left. She stopped smiling. She stopped laughing.
I look to you,Then to myself,Then to my life, Past wretched falure upon failure,Bewitched by hollow hopes. My love never was,It never should have been
I swear. My body stands on shaky ground. I'm in diaarray Complete darkness looms over head. This should come natural, easy almost
When she reads, it's something magical, because for a moment, shes there but not entirely, her heart stays with me... but she leaves...
She lives in a world of chaos, but she always finds a reason to keep on going.
And whilst you were sleeping, I sang by your ear, while our hearts beat as one, And I watched over you, As your head rested upon my arm.
And at last, We lay together, in the dark, Looking into each others eyes, and then I knew, I just loved you so, so much...
There she is, wondrous and true
With every sip of you, I swallowed too much I sank in your sadness, I drowned in your love and with every bottle, I became overwhelmed
Does it matter? Does she care?   Does she know that for her, I live in pain? Does it matter that for her, my whole life I’d spend in Hell? Does she care?   Does she know that for her I suffer?
Why is my love
I stood up once and had knownFalling endlessly of
Too many nights my mind wanders travelling to where my lost possessions are now. Ordinary belongings. A blue hoodie. Hairties. Pencils and pens. Then instead of wandering to unknown destinations,
 I watched her as she faded away. She may not have noticed, But I did. Her face hollow, Her eyes blank, Her hands so fragile and small.
Hey Ms. Sherry Can I top my sundae With your cherry I like you Can I suckle the honeydew Will you give me something good to chew Can you be my bee Let me taste the honey
"I like the idea of touch," i told her. "What does that mean?" she asked. So i showed her. The heels of our hands came together and the tips of our fingers touched. 
There was something so possessing About the woman that was a curse, dressed as a blessing When he and she began connecting He realized she was so compelling Her thoughts were so perplexing
The beauty that persists Individuality among the mass Her brow is focused Perched upon it, an Owl, soaring through the words Into the unknown.   Her eyes lead
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
tonight i cried because i lost controll. tonight as i stood in the shower as i stood naked and alone i cried.  tonight i remembered when i was the girl the boys fallowed around  calling her 
Being in love is drenching yourself in gasoline and giving the significant other the match and trusting them not to drop it
I wish I chose my words more carefully that night. I take all this time to plan but one can never get ready for this,man. I spoke from the heart instead of my head I forgot that my heart has always been dead.
I like to think of our relationship as a tree that grew with love. But, it was injured as a sapling but it kept growing on our love and we kept placing more pressure on the break.
Moon rays dance across his sparkling eyes He holds his hand tight- never to release his pride He runs like a warrior ready for battle But he’s never known the terror behind scars-
I missed her for the way she would draw her backward As to the way she would walk with her subtle thighs not saying much to the world but letting me know she's my girl
-You may have broken in. Your thought is within.
-I love how we hide important things from each other and try to live in the moment of pure bliss.
-I think of you when I am weak, I think of you when I am strong, I wonder if you think about me at all.
-I wish you were in my arms where nobody can do you harm. Because we're pretty cool even though you drool.
-Can you really trust me because I can't trust myself. Can I really handle you or do I just put you on the shelf.
-I hate that you make me jealous. I despise that you know how to make me jealous,
-Tourquoiste amber in her eyes open me to a new world where herI alwyas comply. Her shirt toys with and around me tempting are her breasts
-I can see that you're keeping things from me but I don't want to know why it is but eventually I'll wonder if it is my biz.
    We still can't communicate                                              
-You only like me Because I was your first body But your fondness will fade
-When I write you poetry, It makes the poet in me Think of you as the figure of affection
her firey eyes burn her pain and use it life coal to fuel her hate gaze into them, you will reviel the ache she will forever feel make way for her tears and her regret shes thought it up, her mind is set
Down her face streamed the tears, Of 20 years. Of 1,043 weeks, Of feeling weak. Of 7,304 days, Of being in a daze. Of 175,316 hours, Of thinking, how are We supposed to go on from here?
In all my 19 years,Through fears, cheers, and massive clears,I would have never imagined I'd be sitting here mirrored.
One day she'd be happy And the feelings that once made her cry Would be filling the words with memories
The blue sky  The green ocean The white sails  The rocking motion   The shining sun The salt in the air  Her beautiful skin  The wind in her hair
The elegance dripped from her body onto her toes, as if someone had taken and lifted her above and beyond my world. Had draped beauty over her soft spoken words and slowly released all her pain until there was no more.
Her hair is like a colorful night. her eyes a peaceful storm, the thought of loss gives me a fright, the likes of which I can't ignore.   A touch so soft I wish to purr,
Under the willow tree, you kissed me we danced we hugged we picked the small leaves. Under the porch roof, you held me we whispered we giggled we wondered about the wood.
Its come to a point where i dont write poems for myself anymore But instead i write poems so i can hang onto what we used to be Im hoping one day you happen to stumble across one and maybe itll take you back
Leave me to hate another day.   Where I will be proud to say, You were not only my girl, But the prettiest in the world.   Leave me so I can hate again
She never gave up on me,even when I deserved it. She stood by me and protected me. I love her for it unconditionally. The woman who sacrifices her heart and her soul to always make sure my life feels whole.
Screams and cries Morals and lies Do you hear them? Do you see them?   There her body lies There her happiness dies Do you see her? Did you see her?  
Every grain of sand fallen, Is an eternity. Sand better off lost. No matter the pitfalls. Intolerance… Produced as a result of the tone set by one’s skin.
A pre-concieved notion of who she should be because she was not "good enough" in the eyes of those she allowed to control her fate. Juxtaposed in a world viewed as a dystopian utopia
Everyone's telling me I should ask her out, I think about her daily, I wonder if this means I like her, Will it ruin our friendship, Will she even want me, Tis better not to ask,
Think about it a little more she says while I listen. We've only meant as much as we thought we would. I never promised I could.   I said I'd try. I look at her with eyes that only she could look into.
The joy in her smile brings warmth to my heart. A pleasure I had forgotten renewed. I only wish she could understand me for being me but it's not that simple. The dimples dare me to dive in but it is only for the road of the warrior.
Do you mind if I fall in love with you? Because We can make something so special. Hope I'm not fooling myself. Beautiful thing so sweet, hope you're good for my health. Soon as I kiss you, I know you'll be right for me.
Her Heart beat is rising, while her tears are shining, why is she so ……..afraid The Obstacles are piling, her mind has stopped its smiling, I think she is……afraid
See you soon Is a hopeful phrase Look to the moon In its full round phase There is a face Hiding in the light It reminds me of the place Where I fell in love at first sight It wasn't my first
Living in confusion? I know who I like. She, her. She, her. Keeping to myself. I am judged by the judged, I am strangled by religion. Beat me up and break me down. I am still alive.
I am you. I am the person you see, the person you watch. I am one of you. We walk the halls, we walk the earth, we walk the journey together. I am you, I am here for you.
So I wrote this rhyme like a recipe A little bit of Ebonic linguistics, verbs and the essence of time With her natural beauty surrounding my mental on all sides Her bright smile tattooed on my eyelids
where am I? I'm lost in my own home up the stairs don't know where to go my room, my bed, its all gone my solitary is like a forgotten song I have no safety in this new realm of being
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