My little girl

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 04:56 -- Nain

"She was my little girl
God, how I had loved her
She was not made for me;
even though you made her.
Out of fine flesh and Earth she was made,
then woven and threaded along head.
She was ripe but not rough,
She was my little lady of misfortune,
She was-unseen, untouched by me- but I loved her.
Where would she be now?
They are whispering, are they crows?
The tingling sensation that I got
I talked and talked and talked alot!
With her I got my thirst and hunger resolved
Because I was in love and I was alone...forever alone.
Where is she now?
Is she married or is she not?
My little darling what had you done to me?
Your words so sharp just derailed me!
Life- should I live?
Suffer- should I more?
I can't; no I can't,
I'm an alive soul!
I'm an alive soul!
I'm a breathing man
I'm not a garbage can!
Let me live now believing you would come,
You would come to me forever in love!
Let me love you my little Urooj
So I could live in peace and peace to my very root!"

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My family
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