Because you love me you sat up all night

Despite having work the next morning, early

So I could cry over nothing

Because my anxiety told me “Warning: OVERWHELMED”


Because you love me you yell at me for putting myself down

When I try and say I can’t, you say you’re too smart to not

“Prove the world that you can, cause I know you can!”

So I do


Because you love me you moved here

And stayed by my side, to help me further my dream

Never once thinking that this was all for me

Because you want this for “US”, because I want this, you do too


Because you love me we don’t go to bed angry, EVER

You work more hours so I can try and focus more on my future

You never think any of my dreams, desires, goals are crazy or outlandish

You know all of my deepest darkest, hole in the wall secrets


Because you love me these aspects of me aren’t secrets

You know me better than anyone else

Being around you is like being home

Where you belong, where you will be taken care of, where you can be the unmasked you


Because you love me our masks hang on the wall in our living room

As we listen to La Vie En Rose

Making trumpet sounds with our mouths, never once judging the other for our sheer oddness

Because I love you the masks will stay on the wall


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