The Only One

I feel so lost,

so stupid for ever thinking it could possibly work.

I never loved you in that way,

but I have always loved her

I want a future with her; I can see I future with her,

but not you not now not ever.

I don`t want you.

I want the one I long for; the one I call out in my sleep for.

I only want to be with her,

but she doesn't return the feeling.

She wants a boy,

She is striaght.

I could never give her what she deserves,

all I have is the love in my heart for her.

I long to hold her,

to kiss her tender lips.

I want to caress her sweet soft check if only once more.

She is all i could ask for,

she is perfect in every way imaginable.

But I must and I will let go,

if only for now.


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