the voice

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 02:58 -- axxivvc

i spend my days now trying to forget your voice,

the same voice that made the my skin stand tall,

the same voice that told me everything would be okay,

the same voice that would whisper into my ear and fill my stomach of butterflies,

that same voice that haunts my dreams forcing me to become an insomniac in fear of hearing your sweet lies once more.

the bags under my eyes are simply a replacement for your soft kisses,

you have made my heart ache once again.

do you remember promising you wouldn’t hurt me like all the other men?

i was living to catch your attention but there was nothing left to grab onto.

i told you how fearful i was to lose you, and that was my mistake for not realizing i had already lost you.

i never stopped showing you how much i adored you,

i began to make up excuses, and that’s when i knew that i had lost too.

i replayed our memories over and over in hope that you would see me all blue.

if you wanted me then what else did you expect me to do?

i wanted your attention

not constantly just fully, 

but i always lose.

you said you don’t care and perhaps that was a habit of yours, 

but i do.




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