to a Lavender

To a Lavender named Lucy


Oh my pretty, fresh, young yet lovely and precious


I have no creativity as thee

To write in papers of colour

But these papers of white denote

My heart which is as pure and as white as yours is

This milk of blue denotes

The blood of thee and mine

In thy favourite colour of Lavender


Oh my Lavender

A Lavender so belle

Where were you?

These many years?

Is my only question

Striking me when you began

To communicate well with me

You are indeed my true friend

Which I got caught hold of in this mad world



Lavender, my Lavender

I never fell in for thee

For thy colour nor for thy looks

But for thy true and natural nature

And for thy naughtiness under the sun

And for thy open mindednesses

Which no one in this artificial world would do now


Oh my tender Lavender

You showed me

Taught me life

And many things

As of how to be organized

I consider thee


And my great guide

In my life


Oh Lavender, my Lavender of mine

I never saw a flower

gem nor a pearl

As precious as thee in my life

You were more personal

As a sister and

As a guardian angel

Though now you invade me in

Saintly silence

I have been forced

To believe

In the belief

And the lie

Which they say


Maketh a



To say the truth

Whenever I see

Other flowers

I am only reminded

Of beauty of thee

And the heart and mind of mine

B locks me from

Seeing those other flowers

Of various colours


Oh Lavender, blue Lavender

At nights I chant the name of thee

Many the times I do

pray for thy growth

Than that of mine

pray for thee

To change thy mind


Oh my Lavender Lucy

Never did any one

Wish or wonder to gift

On my day of birth

But you were the only lovely soul

To write four pages

The first time did some one

From outside ever did such feat

You touched my heart


Oh my Lavender Lucy

That day I felt

So bliss

Never did I ever

Touch a girl

But the day

When you gave thy hand

feared, hesitated

And then when

I did

Touch  I felt magical

And wanted never

To leave your

Cold hands

To get colder even more

I wish it prolonged long

thank thee


Oh young and bubbly Lavender

think I am old, not handsome for any one to fall in love for me, or talented as thee

Old fashioned, aged, a guy with no good manners, not lively and so on…

And this maybe thy reason

For your depart from me now

And not as young or bubbly as thou or thy friends

think I am Byronic, a person of no heart

Not as chubby or can be compared to the

Colours of thee or this paper I feel as a demon

Darker than this colour which writes all this how could I

Ever wonder for thee a beauty and belle to fall in for

beast as me?


Oh Lavender, Lavender of mine

I can make any one smile and laugh

But I failed


want to make you and

Every one near me feel bliss

As a gardener

shower thee not with water

But with words

But still a failure am I to be


Oh Lavender of adoration

think I also have a heart

But not a stony or a strong one

But I assure thee

I will never ever

Forget thee

Or the second day

Of the second month

Every year

Or thy name

Though I get old even more or

As the days goes

Or as much as

I am alive

In this mad world


Oh Lavender of beauty

Who taught me love

And how to love life

I will always wish for thee

The very best

For all your futuristic aspirations and growth

You are my greatest role model

And greatest influence in the life of mine


Oh my young, bold, beautiful and lovely Lavender Lucy

wish thee a blissful

Day of birth

For this year

And for the years to come


Oh my flower Lavender oh my flower Lucy

Oh my elegant guardian angel, sister Lucy

fear for thee I say this since I adore thee

Thou art becoming an artificial artifice

Losing your natural nature

Of enjoying in bubbliness under the sun

pray and plead for thee to change

For the old thee, the bubbly thee

Forget the fames thee desireth for

Believe thou true et real friends

And not on thy foes

And don’t believeth on much fames too

desireth to write more on thou

For I am a home of words of written form

Than of the verbal form

drew this on from your latest photos

And half from my memory too

never fell on love with you for your looks as others would do

But for your pretty eyes, your long black hair and chubby cheeks

The only external beauty and your brain and heart

Tears fill mine eyes though you may be far

Still I feel thee in my mind, heart and hand miss thee

Pardon me if my sketch of thou is worse


Sorry If I made thee cry, I went through many emotions throughout these pages an emotion full of truth, open truths


Thanks to thee



An old stranger

30th jan 2013


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