For her,for me


She never gave up on me,even when I deserved it.

She stood by me and protected me. I love her for it unconditionally.

The woman who sacrifices her heart and her soul to always make sure my life feels whole.

She's my inspiration for this dedication.

For her, for me, she's worked to the bone. Never once complained, but she does bare her soul

to let me know how much she loves me. How much she's willing to sacrifce for the ones she loves.

I see her work so hard, for her, for me. Such a strong woman, determined woman. 

I love her and respect her. For her, for me, the love will never die.

I will repay her with everlasting love and kindness as she has done for me.

My mother, so courageous and hardworking. For her, for me, I will always strive to succeed. 




Everything. My mother is that and so much more. She's an amazing person.

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