All That Jazz


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So I wrote this rhyme like a recipe
A little bit of Ebonic linguistics, verbs and the essence of time
With her natural beauty surrounding my mental on all sides
Her bright smile tattooed on my eyelids
She is the only one I feel comfortable talking to
And when I do she's crazy cool
Reminding me that to her I have nothing to prove
I think that Taurus Riley would agree that she is royal
That's why I wrote this for ya
I pray that these word m caress and possess your mind
And shine through your eyes
That you are beautiful
And that God took his time when he made you
Maybe I wasn't straightforward enough when i tried to phase you
I wish i could spend it with you but instead fate has put the Internet between us
I hope you find these words to be true. I so desperately want to see and be with you
I want to share with you because there's no one i can compare to you
Your smile is ingrained in my eyelids like a tattoo
I hope i didn't mess us up. But this is how i feel. And its not like me to not be up front but..



For my first love

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