But I Don't Give Up Easily

What if I’m never good enough

for those I adore?

I see wonders in a new face:

ensnared by her 



and warm heart.

captivated by an overwhelming,

happy presence;

her flaws are not signs of weakness

but are battle scars of resilience. 

I see perfection, beaming from a face,

who, through it all, 

does her best to stay positive. 

Insecurities? Please. She has no need for them:

the deepest core of her being irradiates those nearest, 

penetrating their souls, almost killing them

Her kindness is a cancer that mends

rather than tear apart.

Awakening every cell in my body

to her pure, loving heart.

Above all, she does not know of this power

and humility makes her

stunningly human.


But what if she never sees me this way in return? 

I’ve never been that adored:

Will I ever be?

I’m always the one who sees

the best in the other-

who is left mouth agape

when she gives up on me.

I love hard; perhaps I care too much

and grip too tightly. 

So I ask

What if I’m never good enough?

Forced to live in a cycle of rejuvenating love

and fatal heartbreak.

Always the same outcome:

she doesn’t care about me

as much as I do for her. 

How do I explain

I’d drink any poison for her?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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