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I didn’t start writing because you broke me, you know? I started writing when I learned to write, I learned to write because I learned to read,
My life was a book I had left on the shelf A story I always said I would read Collecting dust and coffee stains Although I don’t even like coffee   But then I met you. And for the first time,
I wanted to read but my mind was at work Listing all of the things it had seen, felt, and heard There were days void of hope, there were nights spent in tears Over all my love, dope, had costed me through the years
I want to read books over here. I want to read books over there. Books are great to read everywhere.   I read with my friends at the library. I read with my sister at home.
When I was younger I felt very lost I played with my toys But didn't realize the cost I knew I had a mission For my curiosity to explore I searched everywhere But never opened the right door
Gitara, Thank you for your qualities. You’re kind and you see me for me.
Darling, I want to love you the only way I know how -- like a broke college kid.
Before I start this, I want to let you know, I don't want no Glory, I just want you to hear my story
You are my beginning  therefore to wish for no end You changed my pages, making it even great adding yours with mine. My story changes with  jimbles, puzzled, and twists I hold your hand 
Did I do something wrong? Or was it just too long? You tell me we weren't meant to be. Only, my heart still beats for your warms lips Underneath your hips, into madness, Sadness,
Inconceivably generous. I am deliberate. ill-chosen, splintered, and imposed on. As a degenerate, I summon the Master's actions to justify my behavioral grit.
Lost and cannot be found. It is in a swirling world that you are bound. You could learn to swim or you could let things take their tole and see where they go.
I read. In my time of comfort. Of heroes of old.  Who vanquish Dark Lords From their Dark Thrones. And men like me. Who journey across the world. While I read.  
Ready to feel good Eat till you're stuffed Add a dash of reading Don't foget to talk to your parents
Maybe I am ill, Perhaps I am not, But the issues many of us face Remain unseen. So I ask that people read along. Look into my head, And into what I have seen. This is why I write my poetry.
Oxygen deprivation Is an awful thing indeed Light headedness, blackout Hemoglobin in desperate need But yet as scary as this seems Of all the priorities it supercedes It's nowhere near as vital
It's meant to be read every day
When the nights take over
Upon first glance It seems interesting enough. I’ll consider it.   The first few pages intrigued me. I'll bring this one with me  And read it on the bus ride home.         I’m learning more and more,
He read it at 9:30 PM. It's currently 9:42 PM and he hasn't even began to type. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. It replays in my head over and over.
Do you know the love I could have gave, Is only the love I really crave
To read is to step into an alternate reality
 To write is to build one
 To act is to live outside of yourself
 To dance is sometimes just to have fun
 To sing is to let your worries flow

Read, read, read I do nothing but read. When I read, I feel like I can breath. I am at the top of the empire, This empire will never fall. Falling means collapsing But I stand tall.  
A new world to discover New faces to meet and greet Journeys and adventures to conquer Fears to face  Lessons to learn All within a book            If you're the type 
I travel the whole world
I’ve eaten my heart out in the rain,
If you were to harm me, slice me open, I think that a knife would be useless.   Instead, rip up a thousand journals and use the edges, for nothing hurts more than a paper cut.  
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
The heart beats to that of a mind In time I shall wait for you But that's of a different kind In which we'll finally live that of a life we were meant to Listlessly waiting for a love that was never mine
Pulling  An ever-retreating journey Into the caves of my imagination I am pretentious And cold Withdrawn from the modern world   The jeans You once adored
If God granted me one wish I know what It would be. To return the Innocence That the adulthood stole from me. As I gaze back upon my life  And I look at my wife As I recall my youth
Do you remember the days on the swings? When the wind rushed through golden curls And you didn’t care about the boys or the girls
                                                Husky throats,
Ode to books
She is alive
This is a war
Who am I?Friend or foe?
Boom, Boom, Boom; The music consumes.  I breathe it in; I melt at its beat. We are one.   Thump, Thump, Thump; My feet pound the ground.  My father and I;
I found a reason for me, to change who I used to be. A reason to start over new, and that reason is you. I found a reason to show,
Nightmares in my daydreams,Everyday the same scene
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
Each line a little story, a demonstration of truth, a living proof of action, tied together by their roots. Grab people and shake them to share their creative minds oppressed by harsh realities 
you can act like you're my friend but we both remember the end let's stop pretending it's alright
Here I stand, book in hand.  These Women and Men behind these stacks- do not attack. But defend.  So do not offend- me with your lack of literacy that you do not comprehend these Women and Men.
Read, Read Books build the mind English teachers and adults pound that from day one then they say -wait, woah not those books you want to read these not those
Nothing stems from thin air, everything as an orgin,
I feel like I am drowning, like I am suffercating under the silence, under the last breath I breathe
the first moment you laid eyes on her,
I have a smallish voice. It carries the weight of massive expression, But bears it alone.   My visions detonate in the world around me, They scatter and end up in every corner
I am suffocating
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
To discover and re-create yourself. There is something that always helps. Read
The Author"Write hard and clear about what hurts." - Ernest Hemingway I am a follower and I do believe in thee.I am endoubted to thee andI am one with thee.
Music gives me a feeling that I can't discribe It's not just what it does, its the power that each lyric brings upon us. Making me realize that I Am not the only one going through some problem that I can't discribe.
While helping a student who  was struggling through lines of a poem Sam was fixing the schoolhouse's roof  in exchange for jars of spiced peaches.
I'm washed out. Killing myself over how to be the brightest, the one who is bold. The burden I bear on my shoulders the grades, the scores, the wins feels more like boiling water
People we have to Stand up for what we believe in .. Dont let anymone stop your shine ..  As African Americans  we have to do this for Dr. King for having a Dream For Malcom X , for keeping the PEACE 
            I woke up this morning to the wind gnawing through my old windows. I woke up next to my little dog, and the sun slipping through my blinds like love letters pushed under a door.  I woke up at one in the afternoon.
She sits there empty for days wondering if the pages to book would magically change flower petals stumble to the floor as if they were drunk and forgot how to walk her eyes are heavier then they were the day before
Fear storms through the dark endless skies Where it seems that land can only exist at night Where thugs rule the world and parents hide behind doors Hypocritically stating,"the world is yours"  
i knew you were my hero
he was a tidal wave,
An elf needs a place to strive.The enormous trees that cover the land hold so much importance for the elf, A helping hand.
There is this beauty of men I have.. Walking past my eyes I take mini pictures.. From their mouth that's clean like fresh snow... To their bodies that they take time to grow.. I could always admire a man..
Because I said so, floats through the mouth Of every adult I know. Because I said so, Is a punishment because you havent lived life long enough to know better. Because I said so,
To write. To build people word by word, On a piece of paper, Scribbled sentences that form from the mind, To erase pain. To call upon instances in which you have lived life. To give others a chance.
Making the world go round, A piece of advice you hear everyday. You keep turning and trying and living, But what is that? anyway. You try and you try  But you go no where, nothing. 
In a world where money is fixated and everything is dictatedOn who you know and how you dressThis everyday world is turning into a mess
Reading develops the mind.  It controls you and changes you. Reading a book is an adventure, that all should take a ride on. Reading an inspirational piece is something that makes you grow. 
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
If I had the chance, I would take a stance. Make myself be heard, find a cure. The numbers are soaring, parents are mourning. Lives are impacted each day. But you see, no ear will hear,
Weak children starving in the street, Where is there food for them? Parents letting their children get beat, Where is there safety for them?   Sons and brothers lying dead on the battlefield,
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
A place where you're rediculed, Picked on, Taunted. A place where friends,
To build the fire, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and a new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way
To build the flame, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way  
Sunlight varnishes magnolia branches crimson
  Abortion is legal What a horrible thing
In that moment, the warm breeze floated across my face. The tears were trying not to come.  Your eyes gleam of realization when my words flowed out. The stars shown as we were close. 
First Samantha Hyde 
Flow in the wind like a flower in the Spring, Your delicate petals swirl in the midst. Touched by your warm smile, waiting all along just to hold you a while. Tulips grow in May showers, 
I'm not much of a poet, and I'm sure that I show it. But if I had to pick something to change, there would be no limits, for those who have spirit, because they have everything to gain.
  And there was a girl who I knew the face of well. I saw her all the time, but I couldn't find her name in my mind.
The world is crazy, but never slowing down  I see so many different people whenever I look around  Black, white, yellow, and red  I see all these people inside my head  But why do we hate the way people look 
What would I change? Shit, where do I start... If only I could eliminate all the times a boyfriend stomped on my heart.  If I could erase all the times I stayed in the house,
The one thing in the world that will never change is the past, the one thing that wont wait for anyone or anything is time.
I always wanted things that my parents couldn’t afford Never realize that my parents were poor I remember wanting a GameBoy since I was four Thanks to my parents, they bought me it and I felt adored
Enough with radical equations and notations And teach us about the struggles of life Teach us about business plans and their relations And educate us on how to survive the night  
You want to feed my mind but i leave class hungry. You sit in class and teach but I cant pay attention. I dont understand why i fail, which is so funny. I try and use the bathroom but i need your permission.
He read me like a book Paying attention to every detail Remembering every word Taking notice to every detail   He read every crevice of my life
Take a seat,  and close your mouth. Let me torment you instead. The lesson for today, is role reversal; Take a seat  and take it to the head. Let me take my anger out on you,
Most have heard or read the animated anecdotes of the dead. They are given with joy and wrapped in a bow - - stories of life, of music, of love. But all anecdotes end.   Few ever say or re-claim
First I started out counting and learning colors. Man, I Felt so much smarter than the others. Challenges grew harder, my brain was expanding. Reading, writing and math were knew to my understanding.
They say education is important So why can’t it be When you’re sitting at your desk with your hands between your knees Students sigh in advance when you pass out a test
Oh! For my school The things I would change Everything.  
The shit I wish I could tell my teacher would probably get me supended. But once the shit I wish I could have said probably would have saved my arm. Bullying was killing me inside. Going through all differnt changes with my body and feelings.
Teachers are blind. There is so much they don't see. So much they don't understand. About us, The students.   "Getting to know you" activities aren't fun, They're uncomfortable.  
    Why do you teach History in English? You've got it all wrong. Why teach about English in History? Why don't you just switch jobs! I'm tired of getting confused. I'm tired of worrying about my grades. You said you'd grade my work a week ago.
  I guess Tomorrow was yours, too Because you took it from My Hands, How arrogant so yesterday couldn’t fill you and you could not be hungry, yes
School.. It ain't for fools It'll never be cool ! Hey there sir, miss, profesors and principal I think, that it is really critical I must say, there is alot to change in this school
In school I learned about english and bullying Judgement, math, and the flaws of schooling. But there are some things my teacher didn't tell me Things that the new me is scared of knowing.
Cold hard seats.  I tug at my sweater a little more. The A.C. kicks on And I feel like meat Hanging in a locker. Tap. Tap. Tap. The girl in front Of me taps her pencil Against the desk. 
I'm what the doctor ordered. I can fix you up no matter what you got. I am always there for you, miles away I surround you, fall on you everyday.
If you've ever woken up inside a dream, you already know why I write. If you've ever screamed "feel-words" at the clouds which lie low, you already know why I write
A mouse. Yet in a way, him and Charlie were the same "person". Algernon was a lab rat. A ticket to a nobel prize. Nothing but an experiment. Delicate, un-human, and furry but he still had a heart. Sadly the doctors didn't care.
As long as its in the future time will move me toward it,so im going to keep on fighting, while im struggling but its worth it., tired of all the hatred,im tired of all the fighting, so tired of my own lies,sick of my self portrait, disliking who
What inspires me is when you don't read, you refuse to look into a world that I'm forced to perceive. What inspires me is when i sit here and bleed, lay here and shed tears, cry, cry and plead
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