People we have to Stand up for what we believe in ..

Dont let anymone stop your shine .. 

As African Americans  we have to do this for Dr. King for having a Dream

For Malcom X , for keeping the PEACE 

We have to do this for Mandela who tried to make our Ancestors lands Better

We have to Stand up and make Black People seem more..

Precious and Knowledgable

We all are DIFFERENT but that shouldnt stop us from having EQUALITY!

Dr.King fought for the day when US , 

Especially African Americans, could have free education and Equality 

Equality to me means having the same opportunities as someone who has LIGHTER skin than me or someone with DARKER skin than me..

You see ? Look how far we've come!

From sleeping in pits with no profound education to having a chance to be RICH ... 


Being Mentally Rich is far more useful than being finacially rich in My Opinion

Although there are some that may think differently ..


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