Intoxicating People

do you ever come across those people you just can’t help but love?

frustrating as it may be, you simply can’t help it

they intrigue a deep part of your mind and they won’t let go

a spark of fire burns in their souls 

I love finding people like these

my heart and mind enjoy being intoxicated with everything they do

these people are beautiful because they’re different

and they don’t even try

a smile, a look, a word, any and everything they do is bright

and bold

and breathtaking 

everyone may not think so

but I do

I love that my day can be made by the simplest of things

people like these give me hope

I’m reminded that I don’t actually hate all of humanity

because inspiring people still exist

I want to be a person who lights up lives

like one of them

maybe not to everyone

but just one person


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