Two love letters

Dear X,

I don’t think I know anyone else that remembers how many sugars I need in my coffee on a Monday morning.

Your smile is pretty damn cute.

You always remember how Sunday nights always make me a little blue.

You never forget to write me a love poem every single morning.

No one can string metaphors into master pieces like you.

Your four cheese pasta is fucking amazing,

Like, after I eat I just want to lay in bed and watch your favorite sitcoms all night, even though they’re pretty shitty.

The way you look when you’re reading is really fucking attractive,

I don’t think anyone else who reads books could make me want to slap it out of their hands and make love to them right there.

The way you tell me gross facts during dinner pisses me off,

But I know that if you didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have the stomach to eat anymore.

You know how many times I’ve been broken,

and you’re always right there with a hammer and some nails,

And that’s why I adore you.

Dear Y,

You drive me fucking insane,

You’re always sneezing and never covering your nose.

Every morning you bring me decaf because you tell me that I think too much when I drink coffee,

When I asked you to write me a love poem

You told me that you didn’t know what to write about someone who never speaks.

When you kiss me my bones rattle, and it turns you on when you hear them.

Your poems are always about breaking people,

Yet your smile makes me forget how many scars have appeared on my body spelling out your name.

You hate eating dinner together because you feel threatened whenever i stare into your eyes.

Your smile at 3:37 am is enough to keep me up all night and enough to give me nightmares.

When you hold my hand a shock runs up my spine and i fall to pieces,

But you pick me up and dust me off,

Then you grab the glue,

And dammit,

That’s why…

I love you…


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